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This topic lists issues that are still open in Control-M 9.0.19 Fix Pack 2 (version

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Control-M/Enterprise Manager

In Control-M/Enterprise with PostgreSQL Database, some tables can increase the size to several gigabyte.


Control-M/Agent and are supported in limited configuration on Red Hat Linux Enterprise 5.x and Oracle Linux 5.x. For more information see

KA000175990Control-M/Enterprise Manager

Control-M client version SSO environments, with compatibility mode set to 'On', cannot log into upgraded Control-M/EM server (version

KA000180377Control-M/Enterprise Manager

Control-M/EM upgrade fails to stop processes and issues an error message and waits for a response, when the installation CD (setup) location doesn't have write permissions.

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  1. Pieter Juressen

    url gives a 404

    Jun 11, 2020 05:16
    1. Yechezkel Schatz

      Thanks so much, Pieter. I fixed the link.

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      Jun 11, 2020 12:34