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This topic lists the enhancements introduced in Control-M 9.0.19 Fix Pack 2 (version

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CTM-2194Control-M/Enterprise ManagerSite Standards can now check if Quantitative Resources are already defined in Control-M/Server.

The Control-M\Agent JRE version will be updated to a new JRE version when Control-M\Agent is upgraded to

  • AIX: 1.8.222
  • Linux\Windows (Open JDK):1.8.222
CTM-2211Control-M/AgentControl-M/Agent now supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 8 (64 bit only).
CTM-2593Control-M Managed File TransferIn CCM > Control-M Managed File Transfer > Configuration Management, Web Proxy settings are now supported for Connection Profiles with FTP over SSL.

Control-M Automation APISee the complete list of AAPI Enhancements.

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  1. Shashikala Anandaram

    Link not found to 'complete list of AAPI Enhancements.' page, pl fix it

    Nov 18, 2020 01:09
    1. Yechezkel Schatz

      Thanks, Anandaram. I fixed the issue.

      Nov 19, 2020 03:17