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This topic lists the problems that were corrected in Control-M 9.0.19 Fix Pack 2 (version

For Corrected problems related to the Control-M Automation API please see Automation API Corrected problems.

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Control-M Application Integrator

When trying to extract the value of a Web Service response to a runtime parameter, the runtime parameter receives an empty value.

CTM-2440Control-M Application IntegratorWhen using job types that were designed in Control-M Application Integrator version, the job properties appear as Control-M variables in the Variables tableNo
CTM-2276Control-M Application IntegratorIn Control-M Application Integrator, when you have a job type definition that extracts data from a JSON response to populate a text box with a Load button, the data appears as a single line of text instead of a list of items.No
CTM-2086Control-M Application IntegratorIn Control-M Application Integrator, the Connection Profile Password field is limited to 40 characters.No
CTM-1923Control-M Application IntegratorIn Control-M Application Integrator, when a job is rerun, the initial value of the runtime parameter is from a previous job run instead of having an empty value.Yes
CAR00080118Control-M Application IntegratorIn Control-M Application Integrator, if you define more than one job type using the same name but with different job property fields, and you deploy the job types to different Control-M/EM environments, when you open multiple instances of the Control-M/EM client at the same time on the same computer that connects to different environments, the job type in all of the clients will have the same job property fields.
Depending on the differences between the job types, the following error message may appear when defining a new job: "The given key was not present in the dictionary".
CTM-2122Control-M Application PackIn Control-M Application Pack (Databases, Application Integrator, Backup, Informatica, Azure, AWS and Hadoop), jobs remain in a Pre-Execution state and the following message appears in the logs:
"(ApplicationPackStarter:132) - an unknown error while starting tomcat"
CTM-2072Control-M Application PackIn Control-M Application Pack (Databases, Application Integrator, Backup, Informatica, Azure, AWS and Hadoop), TCP connections remain in a "CLOSE_WAIT" status indefinitely  after Control-M jobs complete.No
CTM-1403Control-M Application PackThe Control-M Application Pack installation fails on UNIX when the Control-M/Agent account has umask set to 077.
The following error appears in the installation logs:
" Permission denied"
CTM-1956Control-M for CognosIn Control-M for IBM Cognos, the value for the Burst report parameter is ignored during job execution.Yes
CTM-2023Control-M for Hadoop

In Control-M for Hadoop, Oozie jobs fail when Oozie is configured to work in SSL mode.
The following error appears in the logs: PKIX path building failed:

CTM-2005Control-M for HadoopIn Control-M for Hadoop, Oozie jobs fail when the Control-M/Agent runs in non-root mode, the connection profile is defined with impersonation, and the Hadoop cluster is kerberized.
The following error message appears in the logs:
"Could not authenticate, GSSException: No valid credentials provided (Mechanism level: Failed to find any Kerberos tgt"
CTM-2642Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M MFT, decryption of a file with PGP fails when the file was downloaded from an S3 bucket.No
CTM-2637Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M MFT Enterprise, After a Gateway is restarted, external users cannot connect to it via SFTP using SSH key authentication.No
CTM-2506Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M MFT > File Watcher, the timeout is adjusted to at least <com.bmc.aft.configurable.ccm.static.check.interval>*<Number of iterations while size is static> seconds, even though the file wasn't found during directory listing.Yes
CTM-2503Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M MFT, the SITE FTP commands used in MVS templates fail due to a preceding space character.No
CTM-2500Control-M Managed File TransferIn CCM > Control-M MFT > an S3 connection profile fails to validate when the AWS account does not have permissions to list S3 buckets.
In addition, browsing bucket content in the job definition also fails.
CTM-2373Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M MFT, the transfer of a large file with SFTP protocol is interrupted and the connection is closed. The following errors appear in the ctmaft.log file: channel is broken
CTM-2361Control-M Managed File TransferIn CCM > Deployment > MFT, Control-M/Agents with versions lower than 9.0.18 appear as eligible for upgrade to MFT
CTM-2282Control-M Managed File Transfer

The S3 Connection Profile cannot connect to the S3 server through a web proxy server.

With this issue corrected, ensure proper configuration of the proxy server (using the use.proxy,, and s3.proxy.port parameters, as described in Connection profile manual additional parameters in the Control-M online documentation.

CTM-2184Control-M Managed File TransferIn the Control-M client > File Transfer Job, a file name that is transferred to OS400 is converted to uppercase even though the "Allow OS400 IFS Case Sensitive Mode" checkbox is selected.No
CTM-2174Control-M Managed File TransferIn CCM > Managed File Transfer > Connection Profile, when defining an AS2 connection profile and requesting an unsigned receipt (MDN), the job using this connection profile fails.No
CTM-2168Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M MFT, when uploading files to the Hub using WinSCP, file transfer records appear as "In Progress" or "Failed" even though the transfer was successful.No
CTM-2154Control-M Managed File TransferControl-M/Agent memory consumption increases and shuts down when using Control-M MFT due to a memory leak in the MFT .dll/.so file.No
CTM-1970Control-M Managed File TransferIn the Control-M client > File Transfer Job > File modification timestamp is displayed in the File Browser in UTC timezone instead of the Control-M/Agent host timezone.No
CTM-1964Control-M Managed File TransferIn CCM> Managed File Transfer > PGP Templates Management > PGP templates cannot be saved with redirection characters in the encryption/decryption commands.No
CTM-1848Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M Web, Monitoring > when you click "Advanced" on a File Transfer job, the following error message appear:
Request rejected by Data Center CTM5311 Cannot load table for 'FILE_TRANS'.
CTM-1723Control-M Managed File TransferIn the Control-M client > File Transfer job > Advanced, the post actions on the source or destination file fails, when the FTP server is on OS2200 and the file path doesn't include any file separator. For example, MEMBER*FILENAME.No
CTM-1697Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M Managed File Transfer, the generation (+1) of GDG files in MVS are not always taken into consideration. As a result, checking if GDG file exists, such as during a file watch or when checking if the file exists, doesn't behave as expected.No
CTM-1692Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M MFT > File Transfer job > A job is defined with the pre-command "mkdir" and the directory already exists. The action fails and a message appears in the the job output.No
CAR00170267Control-M Managed File TransferIn CCM > Managed File Transfer > Mass Update Connection Profile, a validation error appears when trying to update a username that contains a dash ('-'), backslash ('\'), or dollar ('$') sign.No
CTM-2913Control-M Managed File TransferAfter performing a rollback of MFT, the ftshome directory is removed (with all its content, including MFTE b2b folders) when the FTS home directory is the default location. 
CTM-2170Control-M Managed File Transfer EnterpriseIn Control-M MFT Enterprise, when uploading a file using the Ipswitch WS_FTP client with SFTP protocol, the upload fails with the following error:
"Error 83ed0000 receiving sftp packet"
CTM-2985Control-M Workload Archiving

Workload archiving collection fails after migration from old Control-M Workload Archiving on PostgreSQL database, due to a database sequence that was not updated during the migration process.

CTM-2607Control-M Workload ArchivingWorkload Archiving migration failed on Oracle after a few hours with the following error.
"snapshot too old"
CTM-2386Control-M Workload ArchivingIn Control-M Workload Archiving, upgrading to version 9.0.19 is slow if the Workload Archiving database is heavily populated.No
CTM-2182Control-M Workload ArchivingIn Control-M Workload Archiving, Database utilities fail after a Control-M/EM Distributed upgrade.No
CTM-2130Control-M Workload ArchivingIn Workload Archiving, the search is slow because there is a missing index in the Oracle database.No
CTM-2048Control-M Workload ArchivingIn Workload Archiving, jobs are not archived in an Oracle standard edition database because the advanced compression feature is not available.No
CTM-1752Control-M Workload ArchivingWorkload Archiving migration fails when unexpected or temporary tables exist in the source database schema.Yes
CTM-2704Control-M/AgentA Control-M for Databases job will not run and stay in a "Wait host" state. This happens when there is no connection between the application (CMDB) and the Database (defined in the connection profile).
When this problem occurs, the file "DATABASE_<account name>.unav" will be located at "/data/av_status."
CTM-1800Control-M/Agent(Windows only) Control-M/Agent crashes (p_ctmam Control-M/Agent process), when jobs are submitted with the parameter "Logon As User" set to "Y" and there is a system environment variable value longer than 4096.No
CTM-1789Control-M/AgentIn the Planning domain, when using the Find and Update command for OS/400 jobs with multiple commands, the Ignore all errors check box cannot be modified using this interface.No
CAR00048564Control-M/Agent(Windows only) When the parameter "LOGON_AS_USER" is set to "Y" in the registry, jobs run correctly with user credentials but the output handling is managed by Service account credentials.
Output handling is copy, delete, move, print, shout to mail with output attachment (when sent by Control-M/Agent).
For more information, see
CTM-2818Control-M/AgentA security vulnerability was found in the communication between Control-M/Agent and Control-M/Server when using the TCP protocol and handling output with the action print.No
CTM-2817Control-M/AgentA security vulnerability was found in the Control-M/Agent when the On-Do action destination is Mail, and the Control-M/Agent is configured to send the email (by default the Control-M/Server is sending the email, and not the Control-M/Agent).No
CTM-2816Control-M/AgentA security vulnerability was found in the communication between Control-M/Agent and Control-M/Server when using the TCP protocol and handling output with an unsupported action.No

(Linux\UNIX Only) Control-M/Agent Deployment from the CCM fails.

This occurs when the configuration parameter 'CM_TEMP_SCRIPTS_DIR' is set in the OS.dat file to a directory which is not located in the agent home directory ($HOME).
The following error message appears in the activity log in CCM->Deployment screen: "PERL_PATH couldn't be resolved, PERL_LIB_PATH couldn't be resolved".

NOTE: in root mode the following parameter must be defined AGENT_ENV_IN_JOB with value Y via Control-M/Agent parameters in CCM.

CTM-2633Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the Tools domain, when a Site Standard contains two conditional rules for a numeric field, the Control-M client hangs.Yes
CTM-2613Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M Reports, a Report of Active jobs with more than 32 downloads cannot be generated.No
CTM-2604Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M Reports, when trying to generate an Active jobs reports in PDF format, the Control-M Server Name column does not appear. No
CTM-2595Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn CCM > Security > Authorizations, the Active tab might be blank for some users or groups.No
CTM-2550Control-M/Enterprise ManagerControl-M/EM services might start up and shut down continuously after installing Control-M/EM and the service.xml machine field is empty.No
CTM-2508Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M Reports, the Serial column which contains a unique ID for each change is missing in the Audit report.No
CTM-2469Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M Web, a java error message appears when start or end times are missing from jobs.Yes
CTM-2459Control-M/Enterprise ManagerWhen a new secondary Control-M/EM is installed that replaces an existing secondary installation, the next fail-over procedure fails.No
CTM-2455Control-M/Enterprise Manager

In Control-M client, in the Planning domain, the promotion action (Promote button) fails due to permission issues when the user has the following privileges in the CCM:

  • Promotion Rules: None 
  • Promotion Action: Full
CTM-2408Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn CCM, > when clicking the High Availability tab and then performing a fail-over, the progress report dialog is stuck and the topology is not refreshed in the main view.No
CTM-2394Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the Control-M client > Options > Advanced > Reconnection Attempts, the Maximum connection retries parameter does not work.Yes
CTM-2391Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn CCM, the SSL (lock) icon does not appear during a login if the user clicked Advanced, or a fail-over occurred in a High Availability environment.Yes
CTM-2369Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M Web, in the Planning Domain, when selecting a non-cyclic job, in the job summary a message appears by mistake; Rerun Settings "Rerun every 1 Minutes, from job's Start".No
CTM-2354Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the Control-M client, when ordering a job flow by selecting all jobs under a Sub Folder, each job is ordered in a separate Sub Folder.No
CTM-2351Control-M/Enterprise Manager

In Control-M Reports, when defining a Job Definitions report, the Week days column is missing.

CTM-2348Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M Reports, when creating an Audit report and selecting All types, the filter by Audit Operation is missing.No
CTM-2345Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn CCM, in a High Availability configuration with SSL, when a fail-over occurs, the CCM does not reconnect to the active environment.Yes
CTM-2344Control-M/Enterprise Manager

In the Control-M client, when High Availability is configured with SSL, after a fail-over, the login fails and an empty error message appears.

CTM-2335Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M client 9.0.19 > BladeLogic job definition, when browsing for a folder name, the following error message appears:
"ERROR got UnobservedTaskExceptionHanlder"
CTM-2334Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M Reports, when you add a 0 digit in the days filter, the value is not saved.No
CTM-2333Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn CCM, in a High Availability configuration with SSL, opening the Help by clicking F1 does not work and an error message appears,No
CTM-2331Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn CCM, when a Control-M/Agent is disabled, the status column appears blank instead of disabled icon.No
CTM-2309Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn CCM > Services appear under a Distributed Control-M/EM after it was upgraded 9..0.19.000 or higher.No
CTM-2300Control-M/Enterprise ManagerThe Web Server is constantly recycled and remains in a hanging status on some AIX machines. The Configuration Agent (MaintaAgent) is performs the recycle.No
CTM-2292Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn CCM, when opening the online help when there is no external internet connection, the local help files do not open.Yes
CTM-2279Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn CCM, when disabling a Control-M/Server, an error message appears.Yes
CTM-2264Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M, when you rename a Folder in a Workspace, the check-in fails with a "commit fail" error, when the GUI Server uses a cursor reader during check-in.No
CTM-2263Control-M/Enterprise ManagerThe Host ID field is empty or incorrect in a "Ended Not Ok" alert when the job fails on Control-M MF.No
CTM-2262Control-M/Enterprise ManagerThe Control-M/EM Gateway disconnects and cannot be recycled from the CCM due to a database server fail-over.No
CTM-2243Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, when using an external Java during installation, the Control-M Automation CLI is not installed with the product.No
CTM-2234Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the Control-M client > logging in to Control-M Web interface with SSO fails when Control-M/EM LDAP authentication is enabled.No
CTM-2164Control-M/Enterprise Manager

In Control-M Web, when working with an Oracle Database, the history data does not appear.

CTM-2105Control-M/Enterprise Manager

When connecting Control-M Automation API through certain applications (such as an Apigee API Gateway), a 'Duplicate Header http protocol' error is issued.

To resolve this issue, you must perform the following steps after installing the new version of Control-M:

  1. Back up the file EM_HOME/etc/emweb/tomcat/conf/web.xml.
  2. Open the web.xml file and edit it.
    After the following lines
    <!-- BMC Header Security Filter Begin -->
    and before the line that contains the </filter> end tag,
    add the following lines:
  3.  Recycle the web server, or use stop_web_server and start_web_server.
CTM-2085Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the emdef utility, if the username contains a "*" character, the GUI server locks all LDAP accounts.No
CTM-2067Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the Control-M Self Service Server, the service_log table slows down performance when a service contains many records.No
CTM-1974Control-M/Enterprise ManagerThe Control-M/EM sweep utility deletes regular folders, which contain jobs with invalid data such as RBC.No
CTM-1966Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the Control-M client, Monitoring domain, when a Viewpoint contains a filter that has multiple values for a specific field, and the Viewpoint reloads after reconnection to the Control-M/EM Server, the Viewpoint loads without the filter data.No
CTM-1945Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M Web, when the BIM Service description is more than 400 characters, the BIM Services do not appear in the Service History.No
CTM-1802Control-M/Enterprise Manager

In Control-M Reports, the Reporting service allows TRACE/TRACK methods in HTTP requests, posing a security vulnerability.

CTM-1799Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the GUI Server, a copy of data in the memory may cause delays when loading folders by filter from the Control-M/EM server.

CTM-1725Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the Planning domain, when loading folders and jobs into a workspace with the Job Type filter selected, the filter does not work.No
CTM-1710Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the Planning domain, when a folder contains a Site Standard that has rerun interval settings on a Rule Condition, a validation error appears for all the jobs in that folder that have rerun interval settings.Yes
CTM-1638Control-M/Enterprise ManagerThe Control-M SNMP AlertTrap and xAlertTrap contain missing fields and mismatch values.No
CTM-1628Control-M/Enterprise ManagerThe GUI Server crashes when an Archived Viewpoint stops working when you perform the "Find jobs" action.No
CTM-1626Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn CCM, when filtering according to component type, the drop-down list displays duplicate entries.No
CTM-1610Control-M/Enterprise ManagerWhen Control-M MFT is installed, the GSA Java server memory can't be set using the system parameter EMJVMMaxHeapSize.No
CTM-1339Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn CCM, when a user without CONFIG permissions tries to log in, an un-handled exception message appears and the application closes.Yes
CTM-398Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M Reports, when creating a report with sort by date and time settings, the generated report is not sorted correctly.Yes
CAR00178836Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M Enterprise Manager, PostgreSQL database space is getting bigger and not reduced.No
CAR00163020Control-M/Enterprise ManagerControl-M/EM that is installed on a Windows cluster configuration, cannot be accessed from the Control-M client or CCM intermittently. This occurs when the Web Server component is shut down in the Cluster Manager, without verifying that its dependent components, such as CMS and GUI Server are down.No
CAR00161687Control-M/Enterprise ManagerThe create_admin_account script fails with the following message when the configured Control-M/EM database password length is higher or equal to 10.
"Invalid dbo password"
CTM-2753Control-M/Enterprise ManagerA Control-M/EM upgrade fails, because it does not check for duplicate folders before upgrading the database schema.No
CTM-2427Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the Control-M Web Monitoring domain, when exporting the list of jobs to a CSV file, the date time format of the Order Date column is incorrect.No
CTM-2206Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M Web, when defining a Site Standard conditional rule that is applied on the Folder Type attribute, and the condition relies on the Cyclic is selected option, the validation prompts an internal error message.No
CTM-2207Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M Web, when the Workload Change Manager system parameter Folder Strictness Level is configured as Strict and the system parameter of WCMEnforceSiteStandard is set to true, the Site Standard selection is not enforced during check-in.No
CTM-2121Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M Web, when defining a Site Standard rule that enforces jobs to be defined under a specific Folder Name, the restriction does not work.No
CTM-1738Control-M/Enterprise Manager In the Control-M Web and client, when using a Site Standard that enforces validation on all job types with the Host/Host group attribute selected, a redundant validity check is issued on the Dummy job type.No
CAR00188380Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M Web, when the Workload Change Manager system parameter Folder Strictness Level is configured as Strict and the system parameter of WCMEnforceSiteStandard is set to true, the Site Standard selection is not enforced during check-in.No
CTM-2655Control-M/ServerIn Control-M, when the environment contains large amounts of Global Variables, the jobs' submission and post-processing actions are delayed.No
CTM-2578Control-M/ServerThe ctmudchk utility output is empty when the list option is used and Control-M/Server is installed with MSSQL database.No
CTM-2565Control-M/ServerFolders and jobs are not ordered when the following occurs:
  • The order is done via ctmudly.
  • The start day of the week of Control-M/Server is not configured to Monday.
  • The Folder and job scheduling criteria is defined with Days Of Week DnWm.
CTM-2538Control-M/ServerThe ctmudly utility fails when ordering an empty regular folder. If the ctmudcheck utility runs after the ctmudly crashes. (and the ctmudly orders more folders), it notifies that jobs are not ordered even though the jobs were ordered from the ctmudly utility.No
CTM-2432Control-M/ServerThe Control-M/Server Migration Export Pack cannot be installed if the source version is or later.No
CTM-2175Control-M/ServerThe prerequisite conditions of the SMART folder entity are not ignored when the predecessor jobs that normally set these conditions are not scheduled. This behavior is controlled by a new configuration parameter in the config.dat file: CTM_AJF_ADJUST_COND_INCLUDE_SMART_FOLDER_ENTITY Y

CTM-1986Control-M/ServerControl resources are not released when a critical job has reserved the control resource, and the job status is changed to a Hold state and then deleted.No
CTM-1753Control-M/ServerIn Control-M/Server, the file was set with the wrong privileges (777 instead 750).No
CTM-1740Control-M/ServerIn Control-M, when the Control-M/Server version is 9.0.19 and above, the Job ID does not appear in the Statistics tab of the job properties. No
CTM-1667Control-M/ServerIn the Control-M client, when a Control-M/Server is configured with Latin-1 settings, resolved variables contain incorrect characters in the Variable Simulation window.Yes
CTM-1625Control-M/ServerIn the Control-M/Server log, the following false warning message appears:
"Disk seems to be too slow."
CAR00188567Control-M/ServerIn a High Availability environment, the files that are marked to be synced to the non-active environment fail to sync when the file size is larger than 1 MB and Control-M/Server is installed using an Oracle database.No
CAR00185488Control-M/ServerIn the Monitoring domain, the Waiting info tab is empty when a job is influenced by a Workload Policy, and the name of the Workload Policy contains one or more spaces.No
CAR00185430Control-M/ServerThe  %%COMPSTAT variable (the variable that contains the return code of the script/command executed on the Agent) is resolved with an incorrect value when:
  • Control-M/Server is installed on a UNIX account.
  • The Control-M/Agent is installed on a Windows account.
  • The return value of the executed script/command executed on the Control-M/Agent is less than 0.
CAR00173993Control-M/ServerIn Control-M, when the job is ordered by another job (Do Force job), and the job's Application/Sub Application parameters contain system variables, Application/Sub Application are not resolved correctly. No
CAR00156516Control-M/ServerIn the Alerts window, the false alert, "Failed to Delete Condition" notification appears when the condition was already deleted by a different job.No
CAR00140255Control-M/ServerIn Control-M/Server, a startup is delayed after a forced shutdown.No
CAR00127273Control-M/ServerControl-M/Server Java DNS cache was refreshed according to the value ofthe CTM_DNS_RESOLVE_EXPIRE configuration parameter.
As a result, when the Control-M/Agent IP was updated, Control-M/Server was not able to connect to it since the DNS cache was not refreshed according to the value of the CTM_DNS_RESOLVE_EXPIRE configuration parameter.
CAR00126666Control-M/ServerIn CCM, setting the New Day time in the Control-M/Server Day Time parameter fails (validation error appears) when the value is later than + 20:00 or - 20:00.No
CAR00071148Control-M/ServerIn Control-M,  a job is not submitted, and stays in wait condition when the following occurs:
  • The job is part of a Smart Folder.
  • The Smart Folder is defined with Adjust Condition.
  • The condition name contain a system variable.
  • There are no scheduled jobs in the Smart Folder that raise the job's In Condition.
CTM-2251Control-M/ServerJobs and Folders are ordered even though the active period had passed, and jobs are ordered with the ctmudly utility.
This problem occurs on version and above.
CTM-2226Control-M/ServerThe CS process log is full with the following repeated message:
"CS_resource_user_req_con: GM_COND_out_ex: Failed to Add Condition '<name>' '<date> - condition already exist".
This occurs when the CS action is added to a condition that already exists.

Ordering jobs (and folders) using ctmudly fails when the jobs :

  1. Scheduling criteria do not match the day before or the day after the order date
  2. Defined with IN or OUT conditions. 

The problem occurs from version and above.


Control-M/EM and Control-M/Server disconnect when Control-M/Server is upgraded from to, the Control-M/Server version is lower than Control-M/EM, and when Compatibility mode is off.


In Control-M, Jobs using condition names with @HHMMSS  are ordered by ctmudly utility with different timestamps in the condition name. This causes job flows to not run.

For example, Job1 is defined with an Out Condition, cond1@HHMMSS. Job2 waits for Job1 and is defined with an In Condition, cond1@HHMMSS.
When these jobs are ordered by the ctmudly utility, cond1 and cond2 will have different names since they have different timestamps. Job2 will not run after Job1 ends.

CTM-2466Control-M/Workload Change ManagerIn Control-M Web, in the Planning Domain, when defining a Site Standard with a condition that is applied on the Command job attribute, and is defined as Must be Included, a validation error appears; "Internal validation problem: cannot find field 'cmd_line' in context 'JobData' set by rule #10001".No
CTM-2167Control-M/Workload Change ManagerIn Control-M Web > Tools domain, when creating a Site Standard rule for the Control-M/Server job attribute, a validation warning appears with no validation message even though the definition is correct.No
CTM-2192Control-M/Workload Change ManagerIn Control-M Web, in the Planning domain, when applying a Site Standard to a Folder, the From/To settings are not saved in the Folder and all its entities.No

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