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This topic lists the problems that were corrected in Control-M 9.0.19 Fix Pack 1 (version

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Client installation required?
1CTM-1599Control-M Application IntegratorIn Control-M Application Integrator Web Designer, a job type appears to be successfully deployed on the Control-M Agent although the action didn't complete. This happens when there are more than one Control-M Agents with the same name.No
2CTM-1479Control-M Application IntegratorIn Control-M Application Integrator, when extracting runtime parameters in a REST response, the escape character "\" is added to any "/" character, causing the response to be invalid.No
3CTM-1458Control-M Application IntegratorIn Control-M Application Integrator, when trying to extract runtime parameters the operation fails if the WebService response contains XML-restricted characters such as "<string".No
4CTM-1391Control-M Application IntegratorIn Control-M Application Integrator, CJK characters appear as unreadable characters in the job's output.No
5CTM-473Control-M Application IntegratorIn Control-M Application Integrator web designer, job type activities such as save and deploy, do not show up in Control-M audit report.No
6CAR00188261Control-M Application IntegratorIn Control-M Application Integrator jobs, the Execution log in the Monitoring domain doesn't open when its size exceeds a few hundred kilobytes.No
7CAR00188529Control-M Application Integrator(Windows Only)  In Control-M Application Integrator, jobs that are submitted at the same time run one after the other when the Connection Profile is defined with a Run As parameter.No
8CAR00188533Control-M Application IntegratorIn Control-M Application Integrator Web designer, when multiple Do sections are defined for Output Handling, only the last defined Do section will be performed when the job is executed.No
9CAR00185436Control-M Application IntegratorIn Control-M Application Integrator WebServices jobs, a Control-M variable is not resolved if it is included in a job's parameter value.No
10CAR00118401Control-M Application IntegratorIn Control-M Application Integrator, a new created job type is not available in Control-M Planning domain when the new job type name overlaps with a different pre-existing job type name.No
11CAR00064101Control-M Application IntegratorIn Control-M Application Integrator jobs, Control-M variables are only resolved when the job runs for the first time.No
12CTM-1976Control-M Application Integrator

In Control-M Application Integrator web designer, an empty parameter is created when saving an OAuth2 authentication setting while the value for "Token Parameter" is empty.

Empty parameters cause the deployment of Application Integrator job types to hang.

13CTM-1607Control-M Application Integrator

For jobs designed with Application Integrator, LATIN-1 special characters do not show in the jobs' output and the output includes the following message:

"The response contains un-printable characters, see log to view the full response."

14CTM-1679Control-M Application IntegratorIn Control-M Application Integrator job type definition, when adding a condition to output handling and the condition is not met while the job is executed, the steps are not executed.No
15CTM-1370Control-M Application Pack

In Control-M Application Pack (Control-M for Databases, Control-M for Hadoop, Control-M for Backup), the command line utility “ag_change_password” fails to update the password and one of the following error messages appears:

"The system cannot find the path specified". "Failed : Wrong old password".

16CTM-345Control-M Application Pack(Linux\UNIX Only). In Control-M for Databases, jobs' output files that are copied as part of the "On Do Actions" processing, don't preserve the permissions of the file they were copied from.No
17CTM-1525Control-M Automation APIIn Control-M Automation API CLI, when running a shared report, the action fails and the following error message appears: Report shared:<report name> was not found.Yes
18CTM-1993Control-M Automation APIIn AAPI, when configuring Run As Users, ENCRYPTION_TYPE is missing from the XML parameters sent in the request body.No
19CTM-2047Control-M for AzureIn Control-M for Azure, testing a Connection Profile and running Azure jobs fail. The following error message appears: {color:#172b4d}"Application with identifier '5035c5b6-a856-4060-88ca-21122c49d5c9' was not found in the directory '[|]{color:#172b4d}'."No
20CTM-1380Control-M for Databases

In Control-M for Databases, the following error message appears in the Control-M/Agent log files if the job output file was moved during the job's post processing:

"CONTROL-M for Databases: DB0001 = Unable to delete file".

21CAR00188174Control-M for DataStageIn the Control-M client, Control-M for Databases jobs remain in Executing status when the Execution Type is MSSQL Agent Job and the SQL server is restarted while the jobs are running in Control-M.No
22CTM-367Control-M for HadoopIn Control-M for Hadoop, jobs remain in Executing status despite ending on the Hadoop cluster when the Control-M Application Pack is recycled while the job was in Executing status.No
23CAR00078905Control-M for HadoopIn Control-M for Hadoop, temporary files created in the /tmp directory while the Control-M job is running, are not deleted after the job ends.No
24CTM-1994Control-M for HadoopIn Control-M for Hadoop, jobs fail in a kerberized environment when impersonation is not used. The following message appears in the logs: "SIMPLE authentication is not enabled".No
25CTM-1682Control-M for HadoopIn Control-M for Hadoop, jobs fail if the Hadoop classpath contains 2 colons one after the other. For example: /etc/hadoop/conf/:/usr/lib/hadoop*::*/usr/lib/hadoop/lib. In the jobs' output, one of the following error messages appears: "NoClassDefFoundError" "ClassNotFoundException".No
26CTM-1817Control-M for HadoopIn Control-M for Hadoop, Sqoop jobs fail when the Sqoop command includes "generic" type parameters.No
27CAR00091772Control-M for InformaticaIn Control-M for Informatica, jobs fail if the Informatica workflow is in "Initializing" status in the Informatica server. The following error message appears in the Control-M job output:  "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException".No
28CAR00051108Control-M for InformaticaIn Control-M for Informatica jobs, the elapsed time shown in the job output is incorrect.No
29CAR00052774Control-M for InformaticaIn Control-M for Informatica, when hundreds of jobs are running concurrently, the Informatica workflows execution is delayed on the Informatica PowerCenter server.No
30CAR00092572Control-M for InformaticaIn Control-M for Informatica, jobs fail in Informatica PowerCenter version 9.1 with Hotfix 4. The following error message appears in the job output: "WSH_95064; Session ID is not valid."No
31CAR00113667Control-M for InformaticaIn Control-M for Informatica, jobs that initially fail in both Control-M and Informatica, continue to fail in Control-M after rerunning the same job despite succeeding in Informatica.No
32CAR00113669Control-M for InformaticaIn CCM > Control-M for Informatica Connection Profile, testing a connection profile fails when the Informatica Power Center domain name contains spaces.  The following error message appears: "invalid URL".No
33CAR00113670Control-M for InformaticaIn Control-M for Informatica, jobs fail in Control-M when the Informatica workflow is in Suspended status. The following error appears in the InfCmContainer.log file: "com.bmc.ctm.cminf.exception.JobCanceledException: Workflow run status: SUSPENDED".No
34CAR00188872Control-M for InformaticaIn Control-M for Informatica, jobs in Control-M take about 30 seconds longer to complete, compared to the time they complete in Informatica.No
35CAR00183697Control-M for InformaticaIn Control-M for Informatica, jobs fail after the value for the Workflow Instance name was cleared using Find and Update. The following message appears in the job output: " LMWSH_95244; ERROR: Workflow [wf_name] has not run on this Integration Service before".Yes
36CAR00179749Control-M for InformaticaIn the Control-M client, in an Informatica Job properties, when changing the Connection Profile name, all the job properties fields are cleared with no warning message.Yes
37QM002266307Control-M for InformaticaIn the Control-M client > Find & Update, updating the Informatica Workflow field in the Informatica job definition fails and the value remains unchanged.Yes
38CAR00135935Control-M for InformaticaIn the Control-M client, Informatica job definitions, trying to use the load button for "Repository Folder" and "Workflow" fails in Informatica PowerCenter version 10.1.1, triggering the following error message:  "CTM5311 CONTROL-M for Informatica: ETL_INFA0001 = This represents an internal error in the Web Services Hub".No
39CAR00134327 | CAR00188249Control-M for Informatica(Linux\UNIX Only) Control-M for Informatica jobs stay in executing status in Control-M while completing in Informatica in Control-M Agent version 9.0.00. The Control-M Agent log file start_ag_*.log then shows a message similar to the following: "*** glibc detected *** /home/ctmag/ctm/exe/p_ctmat: double free or corruption (!prev): 0x0000000001896260 ***"No
40CAR00119105Control-M for InformaticaIn Control-M for Informatica, jobs end in Control-M while still running in Informatica, when more than one Control-M job is executing the same Informatica workflow.No
41CAR00109445Control-M for InformaticaIn Control-M for Informatica, jobs fail in Control-M in Informatica PowerCenter version 10 when the connection type is HTTPS.  The following error message appears in the job output: " Received fatal alert: handshake_failure".No
42CTM-449Control-M for Web Services, Java and MessagingIn CCM, clicking outside of the field and then editing it again after filling the HTTP Authentication field in a Web Services Connection Profile, causes CCM to freeze.Yes
43CTM-2146Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M Managed File Transfer Enterprise, when uploading/downloading multiple files to the MFT Enterprise B2B Hub, the session closes after the first file is uploaded or downloaded.No
44CTM-2062Control-M Managed File TransferIn the Control-M client > File Transfer job, watching a file on the AS400/TANDEM directory fails. The following error message appears: "Source directory does not exist".No
45CTM-2027Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M Client > Managed File Transfer > Search, file uploads to Hub are failing with "failed due to logout" Revised: In Control-M MFT Enterprise, files fail to upload to the Hub via the Gateway. The following error appears in the MFT Search: "Failed due to logout"No
46CTM-1708Control-M Managed File TransferIn the Control-M client, the File Transfer Job fails to browse or transfer files from the FTP server that is defined with virtual IP. The following error message appears:   Host attempting data connection <Virtual IP address> is not same as server <Actual server IP Address> For more info see: []No
47CTM-1894Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M Agent, the number of handles increases consistently at a rate of 1 handle every ~10 seconds. This happens when Control-M Managed File Transfer is deployed on the Agent, and the File Transfer Server cannot be started.No
48CAR00159567Control-M Managed File TransferIn the Control-M client > File Transfer Job, users that are not in the authorized list of a specific connection profile, can still open the file browser and perform file operations in a job.No
49CTM-1513Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M Managed File Transfer > When uploading files to an FTP server, an error can occur when opening or closing a file and there are no retries. To enable the file opening/closing retry mechanism, add the following parameter to the manual additional parameters of the relevant Connection Profile: Parameter Name: Parameter Value: trueNo
50CTM-1609Control-M Managed File TransferIn the Control-M client > File Transfer Job > Advanced, the "Create empty file in destination" operation is not performed for Local Connection Profile when PGP encryption is enabled.No
51CTM-1615Control-M Managed File TransferIn the Control-M client > File Transfer Job > Advanced, the Rename or Delete action fails on some FTP servers, that do not accept a full path for the rename command and require changing the working directory first. The FTP error is "550: Permission denied". To perform a directory change prior to a pre or post action, add the following parameter to the Connection Profile: ftp.performChangeDirectoryBeforeAction, as described in []No
52CTM-1594Control-M Managed File TransferIn the Control-M client > File Transfer Job > Advanced, when using Post Action 'chmod' on multiple files (filtered by wildcard) when a 'chmod' permission error occurs, the operation is not performed on the remaining files.No
53CTM-1621Control-M Managed File TransferIn the Control-M client > Monitoring > Managed File Transfer, the file transfer record is missing when a connection failure occurs.No
54CAR00187941Control-M Managed File TransferIn the Control-M client > File Transfer job > Advanced > MVS, field values that are left empty are not taken from the selected MVS template. To configure this option, add or modify the following property in the files: mvs.getEmptyFieldsFromTemplate=trueNo
55CTM-1530Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M Managed File Transfer, when two MFT deployed agents are installed on the same Windows computer and one agent is shut down, both agents' hubs are shut instead of just the one.No
56CAR00163727Control-M Managed File TransferIn CCM > Control-M for Advanced File Transfer > Configuration Management, when "Checks that the file is not in use" checkbox is selected, it is not recognized on UNIX.No
57CTM-1521Control-M Managed File TransferIn the Control-M client > File Transfer job, when transferring files with FTP to a directory which contains a large number of files on a remote AS400 server, and the Verify File Size option is checked in the Connection Profile, the transfer speed is low.No
58CTM-1529Control-M Managed File TransferIn the Control-M client > File Transfer Job, when watching for files located in a root directory of an S3 bucket, watch fails. Error message "directory does not exist" appears in the job output.No
59CTM-1884Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M Managed File Transfer, when uploading a file using SFTP to an outgoing virtual folder on Linux, notifications are not sent to that folder's external users.No
60CTM-1641Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M Managed File Transfer, when transferring multiple files, if there's a broken symbolic link, the job fails instead of ignoring this symbolic link.No
61CTM-1767Control-M Managed File TransferIn the Control-M client > File Transfer Job > Job Output, when the file to be transferred is not found, the following message appears: "Failed in Init progress monitor for Single file. Source file '<path>' doesn't exist" The new output message is: "Failed to retrieve file size. Source file '<path>' doesn't exist".No
62CTM-2006Control-M Managed File TransferIn the Control-M client, a notification message saying that a new MFT plugin is ready for installation appears even though it is not relevant. This happens when the logged in Microsoft Windows user is different than the user who installed the Control-M client. This happens even after the client is restarted.No
63CAR00179342Control-M Managed File TransferIn the Control-M client > File Transfer job, the job output contains error messages in different formats when migrated from earlier versions of Control-M for AFT. To configure this option, add or modify the following property in the files: com.bmc.aft.configurable.output.printOldAFTOutput=true.No
64CTM-1409Control-M Managed File TransferIn the Control-M client > File Transfer Job > Advanced > Watch, when specifying a minimum size for a file which is larger than 0, the watch process cannot find a file when the server is on an OpenVMS OS machine. In addition, file sizes are not shown in the File Browser.No
65CTM-1431Control-M Managed File TransferIn the Control-M client > Managed File Transfer Dashboard > Search View, the file size column shows Unknown for external incoming files when one of the processing rules fails.No
66CTM-1432Control-M Managed File TransferIn the Control-M client > File Transfer Job > Advanced > Commands, the Pre/Post command "chmod" for a UNIX host is not performed when the job operation is "Watch Only."No
67CTM-1435Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M Managed File Transfer, when a file name that contains latin-1 characters is transferred, the file transfer details do not appear in the Dashboard/Search View.No
68CTM-1696Control-M Managed File TransferIn CCM > Control-M Managed File Transfer > Connection Profile Management > Export Connection Profile, when both source and destination Control-M/Agents are located on the same host (with the same Control-M/Agent name), the destination Control-M/Agent doesn't appear in the Control-M/CM Host Name drop-down list.No
69CTM-1406Control-M Managed File TransferIn the Control-M client > File Transfer Job, transferring a file to an SFTP server fails with the following error in job output: Failed to get output stream for destination file '<path>'. <path> is a directory This happens in some SFTP vendors (such as TIBCO) when transferring to virtual directory. For more information, see [].No
70CAR00185453Control-M Managed File TransferIn the Control-M client > File Transfer job, Control-M Managed File Transfer fails to find the source file on iSeries when specified in the LIBRARY/FILENAME format and not in the LIBRARY/FILENAME.MEMBER format.No
71CAR00177737Control-M Managed File TransferWhen stopping a Control-M/Agent, which has Control-M Managed File Transfer installed on it, error messages are sent to the Control-M/Agent log file. Example: 0326 13:58:30:692 AG:ag_main_stop_CM_by_name succeeded in attaching to CM 'FILE_TRANS'. calling shutdown method 0326 13:58:31:023 AG:ag_main_stop_CM_by_name Shutdown method failed for CM: 'FILE_TRANS' 0326 13:58:31:023 AG:AG_ATTACH_detach 0326 13:58:31:023 AG:OS_LIB_detach 0326 13:58:31:024 AG:<<< ag_main_stop_CM_by_name exit for CM: FILE_TRANSNo
72CTM-1389Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M Managed File Transfer, when a symbolic link is transferred, the destination file name has the name of the actual file, and not the symbolic link name. To force the destination file name to have the symbolic link name, add or modify the following property in Name: com.bmc.aft.configurable.destNameUseSymbolicLinkName Value: true {color:#d04437}[]No
73CTM-1433Control-M Managed File TransferIn CCM > Managed File Transfer B2B > Rules, variables in the "Rename target file to" field are not resolved. For example: $$FILE_NAME$$.bkpNo
74CTM-1429Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M Managed File Transfer, when a timeout or disconnection occurs when a file is watched, the File Transfer job freezes in Execute state without finding any matching file.No
75CTM-1700Control-M Managed File TransferIn Control-M Web > File Transfer Job > File Browser, when selecting a file and clicking OK, the selected file path is not replaced in the relevant Source or Destination field.No
76CTM-1472Control-M Managed File Transfer EnterpriseIn the Control-M client > File Transfer job, when the source path contains wildcards (to transfer matching files), and the source directory has a large number of files, the transfer takes a lot of time. To list a directory using wildcards, add the following parameter to the Additional Parameters list in the connection profile. FTP server: - Name: ftp.enableSmartWildcardDirectoryListing - Value: true SFTP server: - Name: sftp.enableSmartWildcardDirectoryListing - Value: true NOTE: This option only works for servers that support listing a directory using wildcards.No
77CTM-1428Control-M Managed File Transfer EnterpriseIn Control-M MFT B2B Gateway, there is no option to set disable old SSL/TLS protocol versions. To enable specific TLS/SSL versions, modify the "server.ssl.enabled-protocols" property in file. To specify several versions, use comma as separator. For example: server.ssl.enabled-protocols=TLSv1.1,TLSv1.2 Revised: In the Control-M MFT B2B Gateway, there is no option to disable old SSL/TLS protocol versions. To enable specific TLS/SSL versions, modify the "proxy.ssl.enabled-protocols" property in file on the gateway machine, and restart the gateway. To specify several versions, use a comma as a separator. EXAMPLE: server.ssl.enabled-protocols=TLSv1.1,TLSv1.2No
78CTM-1471Control-M Managed File Transfer EnterpriseIn the Control-M MFT B2B Gateway, an external user fails to log in in with SFTP if the password has been modified.No
79CAR00181270Control-M Managed File Transfer EnterpriseIn Control-M Managed File Transfer Enterprise, the gateway allows all eight HTTP methods and doesn't block any of the unused methods.No
80CTM-1701Control-M Managed File Transfer EnterpriseIn Control-M Managed File Transfer Enterprise, trading partners that send AS2 messages using basic authentication are able to upload files with the wrong user and password in the HTTP header authentication field.No
81CTM-2000Control-M One InstallIn Control-M One Install, check_req fails when the requirement matches the minimum number of shared memory segments. On Solaris installations, the check_req utility crashes even when the requirements match the minimum number of shared memory segments.No
82CTM-1868Control-M One InstallJob logs and output aren't available after the Control-M/Server PostgreSQL database is upgraded (in place upgrade) and the “Maximum Days Retained” value is not the default one.No
83CTM-2001Control-M One InstallWhen installing the Control-M client as a fresh installation, the Upgrade option is displayed even though it's not relevant.No
84CAR00188209Control-M Self ServiceIn Control-M Web> Monitoring> Services, the Service information in the right pane is empty when loading information.No
85QM002077990Control-M Self ServiceIn Control-M Web > Monitoring > Services > Summary, the count isn't updated after applying a filter with a specific selection.No
86CTM-1819Control-M Self ServiceIn Control-M Web> Monitoring> Services> History, after reestablishing the database connection, no new service history and log records are recorded.No
87CAR00129992Control-M Self ServiceIn Control-M Web> Monitoring> Services view, when a service is in "Ordered" status and trying to drill down into the jobs view of that service, the following error message appears: "You are not authorized to view jobs of this Service".No
88CAR00177821Control-M Self ServiceIn Control-M Web> Monitoring, when viewing jobs in List View, the job count does not reflect filtering applied to the list.No
89CTM-1992Control-M Self ServiceIn Control-M Web> Planning, SMART Folders can't be pasted into other SMART Folders.No
90CTM-1988Control-M Self ServiceIn Control-M Web> Monitoring domain, when viewing a specific job's Job Settings and then focusing on another job, the Job Settings tab is empty upon return.No
91CAR00188530Control-M Self ServiceIn Control-M Web, when using Search jobs and the user triggers a second search while one is already pending, the results are missing from the second search.No
92CAR00113566Control-M Self ServiceIn Control-M Web > Monitoring, opening a large job's archive output results in an error: Failed to connect to Archiving Server.No
93CTM-1482Control-M Self ServiceIn Control-M Web > Monitoring, Jobs with errors appear as a single line in the Errors tab of the BIM Service. This makes analyzing them difficult.No
94CTM-1666Control-M Self ServiceIn Control-M Web> Planning, when selecting a job that's defined with its Order Method set to Specific User Daily, the Order Method is displayed incorrectly as Automatic.No
95CTM-1937Control-M Workload ArchivingIn Workload Archiving, the collection of Cyclic logs stops when there are precisely 999 reruns of the same order ID in a time frame of 4 hours.No
96CTM-1455Control-M Workload ArchivingIn Control-M Workload Archiving, searches fail and the following error message appears: "Failed to connect to Workload Archiving Server" due to search timeout.No
97CTM-1386Control-M Workload ArchivingIn Control-M/EM Workload Archiving environment running with a PostgreSQL database, the database size in CCM is shown as 0 after upgrading to version and above.No
98CTM-1620Control-M/Agent(Linux/UNIX) When the IPV_MODE parameter is set to DUAL, Control-M/Agent jobs hang in Executing state and will not complete. For more information, see Knowledge Article 000165538.No
99CAR00108443Control-M/AgentIn Control-M/Agent, a large number of AS_XXXX.log (dump logs) are generated in Control-M/Agent (with Application Integrator installed) when Application Integrator jobs are deployed.No
100CAR00158042Control-M/AgentIn Control-M/Agent, OUTPUT_NAME can't be modified by the ctmag utility on UNIX and Microsoft Windows machines.No
101CTM-1523Control-M/Agent(UNIX Remote Host Only) In Control-M/Agent, communication with the remote host fails during job monitoring and the job is set to disappeared status.No
102CAR00188578Control-M/Agent(Linux\UNIX Only) Control-M/Agent Deployment from the CCM fails.  This occurs when the configuration parameter 'CM_TEMP_SCRIPTS_DIR' is set in the CONFIG.dat file to a directory which is not located in the agent home directory ($HOME). The following error message appears in the \{red} activity log in CCM->Deployment screen:\{red} "PERL_PATH couldn't be resolved, PERL_LIB_PATH couldn't be resolved". No
103CAR00188685Control-M/Agent(Linux\UNIX Only) When setting Control-M/Agent from None mode to sudo mode, job scripts that are executed as other user fail. To resolve this, rerun the set_agent_mode script after installation and choose sudo mode.No
104CAR00048006Control-M/AgentIn Control-M/Agent, when using the ctmag utility, you can only set the protocol version to values between 6 and 9. This limits your parameter configuration choices. The full range is now values between 8 and 12.No
105CAR00168763Control-M/AgentIn CCM, incorrect OS information is displayed when the Control-M/Agent is installed on Microsoft Windows Server 2016.No
106CAR00049330Control-M/Agent(Linux Only) When Control-M/Agent is configured in non-root mode with PAM authentication and the user runs a job as "other user", the su_bmc utility works according to the Control-M/Agent owner limits and not according to the "other user" limits. For more information, see XXXXXX.No
107CAR00050175Control-M/AgentIn Control-M/Agent, the command line utility "ag_change_password" fails when Control-M/Agent is installed on a Windows cluster.  The following error message appears:  "Value name :CMLIST not found in the registry."No
108CTM-2009Control-M/Agent(Linux\UNIX Only) In Control-M/Agent, the View Documentation operation fails for all job types that are not OS. This happens when the connection profile name of the application plug-in is not defined as a user. A new parameter, USE_JCL_AGENT_OWNER, was added to the OS.dat file. Valid values are Y/N and the default is N. The Control-M/Agent owner can be used to view documentation in non OS CMs jobs by setting the value to Y. {color:#de350b}---> For more information, see WAITING FOR FP1 RELEASE.No
109CAR00047255Control-M/Agent(Linux\UNIX Only) When Control-M/Agent sends emails with output files as attachments, opening them with a text editor (such as Notepad) on a Windows machine displays all the text in one row instead of separate rows. The following parameter was added to the CONFIG.dat file: Parameter name: CONVERT_TO_WIN_EOL Values: Y\N Default: N When this parameter is set to Y, the Control-M/Agent creates an output file with CR (carriage return) at the end of each line, so lines are separated as on a Windows operating system. The new output files are saved in the following location: '<agent home>/ctm/sysout/<outputname>.converted' These files are deleted during New Day cleanup.No
110CAR00049223Control-M/Agent(Windows Only) In Control-M/Agent FFDC diagnostic logs are created unnecessarily for processes that are not expected to create them.No
111CAR00048849Control-M/Agent(Solaris Only) In Control-M\Agent, when submitting a job with "nobody" as the job owner, Control-M\Agent crashes.No
112CTM-2007Control-M/AgentControl-M/Agent does not print the start\stop operations of the remote host Java process (sshcourier) to the logs. The new logs are created in the proclog directory in the following convention: sshcourier_start. <date>.<time>.<PID for Linux\Unix>.log sshcourier_stop.<date>.<time>.<PID for Linux\Unix>.logNo
113CAR00073263Control-M/Agent(Linux\UNIX Only) The Control-M/Agent shut-ag script fails to shut down the Control-M/Agent. This happens when the following two configuration parameters are set to 'Y' in the CONFIG.dat file: UPLOAD_REMOTE_UTILS UPLOAD_REMOTE_UTILS_ONCENo
114CTM-1350Control-M/Agent(Windows Only) In the Control-M/Agent's daily log, the run-number ( RUNNO field) is printed using a base 36 number (for example, 13 --> 000d).No
115CAR00188192Control-M/AgentControl-M/Agent installation fails on machines running Ubuntu 16 operating systems when the user shell is not defined. The following error message appears: "Could not detect default user's shell." NOTE: Unless defined otherwise, the default shell is set to /bin/sh.No
116CTM-1480Control-M/AgentAfter an upgrade, an unnecessary directory with 777 permissions is created under the BMCINSTALL directory.No
117CAR00087850Control-M/AgentIn Control-M/Agent, the LOGKEEPDAYS parameter cannot be configured during silent install on UNIX platforms.No
118CAR00188404Control-M/AgentIn Control-M/Agent, when multiple Control-M/Agents are installed on a Microsoft Windows machine, all Control-M/Agent processes freeze during uninstall of a specific Control-M/Agent.No
119CTM-2008Control-M/Agent(Linux\UNIX Only) In Control-M/Agent, when running an embedded script job with a user who doesn't exist in the Control-M/Agent computer, the job fails and an unclear message appears in the log: "Failed to create In-Stream JCL file". The new message is:  "ERROR: Failed to get password (passwd) entry for user <username>"No
120CAR00109750Control-M/Agent for IBM i (AS/400)In Control-M/Agent for IBM I (AS/400), when OS400 Virtual Terminal job type details are displayed in synopsis view, (in Planning or Monitoring) The Virtual Terminal Script file appears as /() in the GUI.Yes
121CTM-1939Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, login in LDAP mode, fails when multiple GUI Servers are running, or when the GUI Server is being recycled.No
122CAR00188779Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, during an upgrade of Control-M/EM on operating systems which do not support smartheap (Solaris), the bin directory (emguisrv, emguisrv_NoSmartHeap) is replaced and binaries revert to their original name. This causes the GUI Server, Forecast, Batch Impact Manager (BIM), and Control-M Web to fail. No
123CTM-1808Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the Control-M client > Monitoring domain, when ordering a selected job with the Order Into Folder parameter defined as New and then selecting all the jobs under a sub folder, both the sub folder and the jobs are ordered - meaning the jobs are ordered twice.Yes
124CTM-1903Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM on an environment with the BMC_EM_PROFILE_NAME variable defined, CCM components don't start after upgrading to The following error message appears: "EM configuration agent not available".No
125CTM-1805Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, memory leaks occur in the GUI Server after executing "exportdeffolder".No
126CTM-1831Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the Control-M client> Planning> Load Folders and Jobs tab, folders are missing.No
127CTM-1773Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, migration fails. The following message appears: "FAILED: ERROR: duplicate key violates unique constraint "pk_jobactions_0""No
128CTM-1830Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, in the Planning domain > Scheduling, when the RBC Relationship is set to "And" and the RBC list is empty, the job will not be scheduled.Yes
129CTM-1765Control-M/Enterprise Manager(Solaris Only) In Control-M/EM, the "Stop all" option in root_menu fails to stop the Kafka and Zookeeper services.No
130CTM-1338Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM's Usage Tool, when generating the end points report, it contains too many endpoints - such as host groups and hosts that are not real Control-M/Agents.Yes
131CTM-1726Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM with a high availability environment, during a failover or fallback, the X-Alert service is unavailable if the shutdown of the inactive CMS is not completed before the startup of the active CMS.No
132CTM-1665Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, in a PostgreSQL database environment, the validation step fails after running the script within the migration toolkit.No
133CTM-1629Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the Monitoring domain, when ordering in a "Selected job" mode and selecting all jobs under a subfolder, both the folder and the jobs are ordered, so the jobs are ordered twice.No
134CTM-1524Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M Reports, when creating an Audit report with a specific audit type, then selecting another report, and then returning to the Audit report, the Audit Type specified is ignored.No
135CTM-1504Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the Control-M client, when defining a collection that has no defined filter, the collection appears in the database but doesn't appear in the user interface.No
136CTM-1586Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, the GUI Server crashes when it fails to open ViewPoints.No
137CTM-1603Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the Control-M/EM Gateway on a Microsoft Windows machine with an MSSQL database, the command line option "-db_perf" does not work, leaving TEST_PERF_TABLE in the database.No
138CTM-1572Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, when performing a fail-over in a cluster installation, the "emrestsrv" and "rfrestsrv" java processes remain up.No
139CAR00148613Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, in the Planning domain, a user works on a WCM request and adds and deletes a note. The check-in fails, and the following error appears:  All notes must be resolved before checking-in a workspace. Please go to the Notes pane and resolve any open note.Yes
140CAR00188699Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, in the Monitoring domain, Service monitor, when selecting 'Open Analysis Viewpoint' and sorting by date, the date sorting is incorrect.Yes
141CTM-1363Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M Reports, the Managed File Transfer category is enabled only for Administrators.No
142CTM-1396Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, in the Planning domain, when saving a workspace in EMF format, the job information is missing and the job box is empty.Yes
143CTM-1418Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, in the Planning domain, when running Find and Update and updating a job that contains an exclude Rule-based Calendar parameter, the job is indicated as Invalid in the result tab of the Find and Update.Yes
144CTM-1421Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M Reports, the Active jobs report is missing the following Job States: Held, Deleted, Rerun, Wait Workload, Wait Host, Wait Confirmation, Wait Schedule, Wait Release and Wait Submission.No
145CTM-1437Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn CCM, while leaving CCM open for a while, the following exception may appear: "Get Compatibility Mode - CCMAutoPollRequest had failed, there is no connection to the server".Yes
146CTM-1448Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM defcal utility, when defining a calendar with more than one year, the calendar shows the first year only. The following error appears:  Failed in IDL_CreateCalendar. rc = 29 (OBJECT NOT UNIQUE)Yes
147CTM-1478Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the Monitoring domain, large viewpoints with many jobs require a high volume of computer resources (CPU and RAM) which leads to slower response times for Control-M. Yes
148CTM-1526Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, in the Planning domain, after re-opening the "Load Folder and Jobs" with a filter, the results are not filtered correctly.Yes
149CTM-1527Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, in the Tools Domain--> Calendars, selecting all Calendars using Ctrl+A to check in fails, and the calendars are saved with no data.Yes
150CTM-1600Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M Reports–> Active Jobs report, the Wait condition is missing in the Job Status filter.No
151CTM-1616Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, in the Tools domain, when opening Services definitions and viewing a service with only Browse access permissions, the orderable parameters are not visible.No
152CTM-1657Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, in the Planning domain, when validating a folder related to a Site standard which contains a rule on Folder name, the following validation error appears:  Error: Internal validation problem: not found external context OuterMostFolder.No
153CTM-2013Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, in ctm utility (Automation API utility), when using the -p option for prompt password together with -f configuration file, the configuration file is ignored. All APIs that support both the -p and -f options are affected.No
154CTM-1461Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn CCM, when updating Agent properties and setting the parameter "Days to retain OUTPUT files" to "Default", the value is not updated.Yes
155CAR00149338Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM installed on UNIX/Linux OS, the Usage Utility tool cannot be executed. No
156CAR00156316Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the Control-M client, after logging in, the workspaces that are displayed vary based on how users type their username during login. For example, if you log in with "bobm" username, you might see different workspaces than if you log in with username "Bobm". This problem relates to LDAP authentication only.Yes
157CTM-1384Control-M/Enterprise ManagerControl-M users who have "Browse" authorizations (CCM> Authorizations>) can't view shout destinations for the Control-M/Server.No
158CTM-443Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the Control-M client > Monitoring domain, only OS jobs are displayed in the Advanced find results following a "Dummy" job type search, while the job is marked "Run as Dummy".No
159CTM-1907Control-M/Enterprise ManagerUpgrading to Control-M/EM version 9.0.19 on a Windows cluster environment fails. The following error message appears: "Failed to execute "<EM HOME>/bin/ClusterRefreshRegCheckPointEm.bat".No
160CAR00188532Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, when an SNMP-triggered alert is raised, the performance is slow.No
161CAR00188776Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn CCM> Security> Authorizations> Groups, when changing a group's name and clicking OK, the group's services filters are deleted (Services tab).No
162CTM-1832Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, when running the restore_host_config script with the reconf_db parameter on an MSSQL database environment with a non-default port, the database gets disconnected.No
163CTM-1412Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM environments working with an Oracle database, job definitions are loaded slowly.No
164CAR00178835Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn a high availability environment, failover and fallback fail when the CMS takes more than 25 seconds to start up.No
165CTM-1779Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn CCM, the following features that depend on the Control-M/EM version are unavailable following an EM Server patch installation: *NOTE*: This is due to different versioning mechanisms. * Long agent name * B2B Rules * LDAP group authorizationNo
166CAR00062896Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, Installation fails in a high availability environment when the database is installed on a third machine, which isn't the primary.No
167CTM-1995Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, when an external PostgreSQL database is used, a wrong indication of the database status appears in CCM under the "Desired State" column. In this case, the database status cannot be controlled from CCM.No
168CTM-1997Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, log and bin directory files aren't deleted after a silent uninstallation is completed if the Control-M client login screen is open during uninstall.No
169CTM-1991Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn CCM, when viewing web server debug levels, there is a redundant entry for Reporting Facility debug levels.No
170CAR00174197Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn CCM, in a high availability environment, when performing failover or fallback, the following error message appears: "Invalid response returned from the server. The response is empty", Source: XAlert_Plugin.Yes
171CAR00188435Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the Control-M client> Tools> Planning, when creating a Promotion Rule on a Microsoft Windows machine that's configured with a "Larger" font size (Control Panel> Display), the Promotion Rule Details> Modifications Settings area can only fit some of the information and you cannot see all of the fields.Yes
172CTM-2043Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M> Planning, when exporting a cyclic folder or any other new setting from V19 to V9 format, the new settings are exported and cannot be imported to V9 environments.Yes
173CTM-1422Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn CCM, the Control-M/Server System Parameters and the Control-M/Agent System Parameters windows cannot be resized.Yes
174CTM-1706Control-M/Enterprise ManagerDB - When installing Control-M/EM version 9.0.19 on Microsoft Windows OS with MSSQL with a NON DEFAULT port, the installation fails with an error: Function call UpdateMSSQL_DsnResource - FAILED.No
175CAR00101904Control-M/Enterprise ManagerWhen using the CHECK_REQ utility on a machine running Solaris 10, messages appear regarding obsolete patches.No
176CAR00188408Control-M/Enterprise ManagerDistributed EM Installation with Oracle database fails when DBO does not have the "Select any dictionary" privilege.No
177CTM-2071Control-M/Enterprise Manager(Linux Only) The silent uninstallation process of fails following an upgrade to version
178CTM-2097Control-M/Enterprise ManagerDuring installation, a port that's not the default port is used even though the default port is free and available.No
179CTM-1481Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, when a user has* pre-*installed "MKS Toolkit" on the Windows machine, Client Deploy installation will fail.No
180CTM-413Control-M/Enterprise ManagerThe Control-M/EM Gateway freezes when the Control-M Managed File Transfer database reaches approximately 10,000 rows.No
181CAR00049888Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, the migration import step fails. The following error message appears: "Creating database foreign reference keys".No
182CTM-1511Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M Web> Monitoring domain, when loading jobs that are related to approximately 3000 services, it takes about a minute for the information to be displayed.No
183CTM-1387Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, the emdef utility fails to import XML that was created using the CTMLB utility in Z/OS.Yes
184CTM-2044Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M Reports, when a "Control-M Server Name" column is set as a visible column in the report, the generated PDF report does not include this column.No
185CTM-1617Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the Monitoring and Forecast domains, the preset ignores an environment variable in its path and is always saved under the client machine's "binary" directory.Yes
186CTM-1652Control-M/Enterprise Manager

In the Planning domain, when validating a job defined to run on a specific host that is connected to two Control-M/Servers, the following validation warning message is issued:

Agent <Agent Name> is not defined under Control-M/Server <Host Group Name>

187CTM-1658Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn the Planning domain, when importing an XML file that contains a z/OS embedded JCL job, and the length of the Instream JCL field is incorrect, the field is not validated and the job is not executed properly.Yes
188CTM-1484Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, when running several GUI Servers on a single node, users can't view the log/output of archived ViewPoints and jobs.No
189CTM-1535Control-M/Enterprise ManagerIn Control-M/EM, when viewing large job outputs, Control-M/EM hangs.No
190CTM-2051Control-M/ServerWorkload policies that were created in the Workload Policies Definitions window, don't appear in the Workload Policies Monitor.No
191CTM-1947Control-M/ServerControl-M/Server fails to start or shut down when the shared directory is unavailable in a High Availability environment using a PostgreSQL database. This happens even though no failover had occurred.No
192CAR00121937Control-M/ServerIn the Control-M/Server, the active environment contains Jobs from a previous day that should have been deleted after New Day when Control-M/Server was installed with Postgres Database.No
193CAR00185476Control-M/ServerIn the Control-M/Server, in a high availability environment with a PGSQL database, the database replication fails when Control-M/Server is installed on Windows using a French locale.No
194CAR00188677Control-M/ServerIn the Control-M/Server, the interface name could not be updated on the inactive node (in a high availability environment) because this option in the ctm_menu was disabled upon execution. It's necessary to update the interface name on the inactive node when a fully qualified name instead of a short name is required.No
195CTM-1394Control-M/ServerJobs are not submitted when: # Defined with a time zone. # The From time is in the DST time-offset change. For example the DST (of the job time zone) change is scheduled to 02:00 and the from time is set at 02:05 (between 02:00 to 03:00) For more information, see
196CAR00182281Control-M/ServerThe script on AIX 7.2 machines shows the wrong _OS Version (AIX 7.1) in the validation steps.No
197CAR00185455Control-M/ServerWhen running the Control-M/Server utility from the Control-M/Agent and the command line contains a new line, the execution fails.No
198CTM-1419Control-M/ServerIn Control-M/EM, removing old data from the database (as part of routine maintenance), takes longer or fails after a cold restore operation was performed. An example of data deletion is deleting the entries from the service_log table once it's exceeded the retaining period.No
199CAR00150145Control-M/ServerIn the Control-M/Server, utilities fail when executed on AS/400 agents in an environment on which Control-M/Server security is enabled and the AS/400 user name contains less than 10 characters.No
200CAR00186217Control-M/ServerControl-M's help is missing instructions on how to use the automatic shutdown for Control-M/Server on UNIX machines. For more information, see [Automatic startup/shutdown procedure for Control-M/Server on UNIX.|]No
201CTM-1791Control-M/ServerIn CCM> Security> Run as> 'Run as' users Authentication Settings window, when you click Test, the test succeeds even when incorrect credentials are used.No
202CTM-1883Control-M/ServerIn the Control-M/Server, when using the ctmudly utility, the job's 'Keep active for' value is set to 0 even though it was defined with a different value. For more information, see
203CTM-1882Control-M/ServerControl-M/EM jobs that were ordered through the ctmudly utility contain In Conditions and Quantitative Resources with unresolved variables. These jobs were resolved on Control-M/Server. For example, a job that was defined with Quantitative Resource Q1%%VAR1. If Q1%%VAR1's value is "Sunday", then after the order was done through ctmudly, Control-M/EM displays Q1%%VAR1 while Control-M/Server displays "Sunday" as the Quantitative Resource value.No
204CTM-1877Control-M/ServerIn the Control-M/Server, when using the ctmudly utility, SMART Folder orders fail along with their sub folders and jobs, when the folder contains a job that: * Contains an In Condition with date "****" or "STAT". * The In Condition is set to be removed (ADJUST_COND is set to on). * The job doesn't meet the criteria for ordering. For example, if the job scheduling criteria doesn't match the ordering date.No
205CTM-1876Control-M/ServerIn the Control-M/Server, when using the ctmudly utility, the wrong In Conditions are removed, when the ADJUST_COND is set to on. For more information, see
206CTM-1875Control-M/ServerControl-M/EM jobs contain In Conditions that were removed on the Control-M/Server during job ordering through ctmudly when ADJUST_COND is set to on.No
207CTM-2029Control-M/ServerIn CCM> when right-clicking an agent and selecting Agent troubleshooting, the Resolve test incorrectly reports as failed when the nslookup outputs (that was executed on an agent machine) has more than one line.No
208CAR00188314Control-M/ServerIn the Control-M/Server, e-mails are not sent if the Windows installation path contains spaces and while the RT process is unavailable. Revised: e-mails are not sent if the Microsoft Windows installation path contains spaces and while the RT process is unavailable.No
209CTM-1775Control-M/ServerIn the Control-M/Server, when using the ctmudly utility, SMART Folder orders fail along with their sub folders and jobs, when the ADJUST_COND of the SMART folder is set to ON. For more information, see
210CAR00184908Control-M/ServerIn the Control-M/Server utility, ctmudchk, falsely detects jobs as not ordered if the folder was modified after the job was ordered (using ctmudly).No
211CAR00188874Control-M/ServerIn the Control-M/Server, the ctmcontb utility output shows only the first 49 characters of the condition name (instead of the full name) when the 'deletefrom' option is used.No
212CTM-1423Control-M/ServerIn the Control-M/Server, Remedy tickets can't be opened or closed when the "Incident number" field is not the default (1000000161). [See how to configure the Remedy Incident number|
213CAR00164235Control-M/ServerIn a high availability environment (PostgreSQL) fallback fails at the replication of the database step.No
214CAR00067229Control-M/ServerJobs defined with quantitative resource names that end with the '$' symbol are not submitted, although the resource is availableNo
215CTM-1462Control-M/Workload Change ManagerIn Control-M Web> Planning, when validating a dummy job that applies to a site standard that contains a host restriction for all job types, an error message appears even though the dummy job doesn't have the Host field.No
216CTM-1671Control-M/Workload Change ManagerIn Control-M/Workload Change Manager version and later, the IBM InfoSphere DataStage job type is missing from the jobs palette.No
217CTM-1987Control-M/Workload Change ManagerIn Control-M Web > Planning domain, when importing SAP R3 jobs from file, the jobs don't show if they've been created using a pre-installed job form for SAP version 9.0.00 or lower.No
218CTM-1989Control-M/Workload Change ManagerIn Control-M Web > Planning when ordering selected jobs, the date selection options appear in English regardless of the language selected in Preferences> Language.No
219CTM-1990Control-M/Workload Change ManagerIn Control-M Web> Monitoring, when viewing SMART Folders, the start and end time information is missing.No
220CTM-1998Control-M/Workload Change ManagerIn Control-M Web > Monitoring domain, the job end time is not updated on the rerun job that ended as NOT-OK.No

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