BMC Product Compatibility

The BMC Compatibility Matrix allows you to find compatibility information for BMC products, including information about operating systems, databases, browsers, and other BMC products that work with your product.

Finding compatibility information

To find compatibility information, enter your product name in the search bar and select the appropriate result, then select the version. If you have visited before, your recent searches will display under Recently viewed.

Exporting data

To export compatibility data to an Excel spreadsheet, click Export to Excel.

Sharing your compatibility view

You can share your current view, including one or more tabs and the products they represent, by clicking the link icon at the top of the application to share all tabs, or the link icon within an individual tab to share only that product data.


If you do not see compatibility data for your given product or find that it is incomplete or incorrect, or if you want to offer positive feedback about the tool, click the thumbs up/down icon in the matrix or add feedback to the Was This Page Helpful? section at the bottom of the page.

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