This topic provides access to PDFs that support this product. It also explains how to create your own custom PDFs.


Creating a custom PDF

From any page in the space, use the following procedure to create a PDF of either the current page or multiple pages (a parent topic and its child topics):
  1. Go to the branch or topic for which you want to create a pdf.

  2. From the Browse  menu in the upper-right, select  Export to PDF :


    • Although you can export to Microsoft Word, this portal is not optimized for Word exports.
    • If you require an export in XML or HTML format, contact us.
  3. In the Template box, select the PDF style:

    • Simple to export a PDF with no cover, table of contents, or index 
      By default, the Simple template exports only the current page.
    • Standard to export a traditional PDF with a cover, table of contents, and index 
      By default, the Standard template exports the current page and its child pages.
  4. In the Export Scope box, select what you want to export:

      • Only this page to export the current page
      • This page and its children to export an entire section (current page and any child topics)


    In this example, selecting This page and its children creates a PDF of all topics in the space's "Reference" section:

  5. Click Export.

For more information, see Help for BMC Online Technical Documentation .

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  1. Margaret Lusk

    I hate this new format for product documentation!!!!!! The web pages are extremely slow and I cannot find the PDFs that I need. It is taking a huge amount of time (20-30 minutes) to get information that would only take a couple of minutes if the PDFs were available via download.

    Nov 17, 2017 02:28
    1. Dottie Wood

      Hi, Margaret. We appreciate hearing from you and getting your feedback!

      If you need PDFs, you can create custom PDFs of any content in the space. For example, let's assume that you need a PDF of the BMC Products and Solutions for DB2 Customization Guide: 

      1. Go to the Customizing BMC Products and Solutions for DB2 topic.
      2. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner (Tools menu). 
      3. Select Export branch to PDF

      Export branch to PDF generates a PDF of the parent topic and all of its child topics (in this case, the entire customization guide). To save a PDF of an individual topic, select Export to PDF, instead. 

      As an example, I used Export branch to PDF to create the following PDFs of the customization and administrator guides for you. I hope this helps! 

      Nov 17, 2017 03:36