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Migrating statistics

BMC AMI Command Center enables you to migrate the access path statistics for a set of objects from one subsystem to another, or from one schema to another within the same subsystem.

For the selected objects, BMC AMI Command Center migrates the table, table space, and index statistics that affect the access-path.

For example, you can migrate production statistics to a test environment to view the actual access paths that the Db2 optimizer selects, without the cost of replicating the production environment.

You can select objects from a Results list in the DB2 Navigator perspective, or select objects included in a SQL Tuning session in the Performance perspective.

You can reuse a saved Migrate Statistics session. In the reused session, you can update objects with current access-path statistics, or change the source or target of the statistics.

You can use the Options  (In the new console, use ) button to set optional behaviors of the statistics migration feature.

For more information, view the Quick Course Workbench for DB2 - Migrating Statistics.

The following topics provide information about how to migrate statistics:

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