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Managing SmartSwitch

The SmartSwitch feature enables you to take advantage of BMC AMI Utilities by using the JCL jobs that you created or generated for your classic utilities.

With SmartSwitch, you can create rules to define: 

  • Situations that should use a BMC AMI utility instead of the corresponding classic utility

  • Situations that should always use the classic utility

You use BMC AMI Command Center to define and manage the rules. The product saves the rules to the SmartSwitch table. You can fine-tune a rules set on a subsystem (for example, in a test environment) and then deploy or mirror that set to other subsystems.


 You should always use BMC AMI Utilities if you intend to exploit new features of IBM Db2 Version 12, or if you do not have licenses for the classic utilities.

For more information, view the Quick Course Setting up SmartSwitch.


SmartSwitch is available for BMC AMI Utilities products according to the simplified solutions that you license

Simplifed solution


BMC AMI Unload


BMC AMI Utilities for Db2


BMC AMI Database Administration for Db2


BMC AMI Database Performance for Db2


BMC AMI Unload-Load for Db2


Getting started

Before you can manage SmartSwitch using BMC AMI Command Center, you must set up a SmartSwitch rules table and alias for each subsystem, using sample DDL. BMC provides the DDL along with the enhancement to the BMC utility products.

BMC AMI Command Center verifies that both the table and the alias exist, and that they match the correct rules table structure and version.

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