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Indexes tab

The Indexes tab lists indexes for all tables participating in the Explain plan. You can also use the Indexes tab to create What-If index scenarios. The tab is displayed only after the baseline statement is Explained.

Buttons on the Indexes tab

The following buttons are available:




Adds an index to a What-If scenario


Build a copy of an existing index


Edits the attributes of an index

  • For an existing index, you can only edit the statistics.

  • For an added or copied index, you can edit all fields.


Drops an index


Reverts changes made for the selected index

  • If the selected index was added, the index is dropped.

  • If the selected index was dropped, the index is reinstated.


Generates statements reflecting changes that you made to a What-If scenario

This command button is dimmed unless you made changes to the indexes.


The command buttons are available only:

  • For What-If index scenarios
    You cannot edit the columns or attributes of an existing index, but you can make changes to its statistics.

  • For unexplained statements
    After you have Explained a statement, the command buttons are dimmed.

  • If you have a license for BMC AMI SQL Performance for Db2


The Indexes tab has a Tables pane and an Indexes pane:

  • The Tables pane lists all tables that are referenced in the SQL statement.

  • The Indexes pane lists the indexes of the selected table (by default, the table shown at the top of the Tables pane).

    The following tables lists the icons used in the Indexes pane:


    indicates an index that participates in the Explain plan

    indicates an index that has been dropped

    indicates an index that has been added

    indicates an index that has been edited

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