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Filtering the result set for an SQL app

Use the Filters dialog to limit the rows displayed from the result set shown in the SQL Errors and SQL Analysis applications. You can enter filters in one or more fields. If you enter values in multiple rows, the Filter dialog displays rows where all entered values match the contents of the row. You can use either the asterisk (*) or percent sign (%) as wildcard characters. Use the following procedure to filter the rows displayed for the SQL Errors or SQL Analysis applications.

To filter the result set

  1. Click Filter  .
    The Filters dialog is displayed. 
  2. (Optional) Click Clear to empty all the fields in the dialog.
  3. Enter values in one or more of the fields listed in the following table

    FieldSQL ErrorsSQL Analysis




    Client Application (SPE2010)


    You can use the asterisk (*) or percent sign (%) wildcards as the last character in a field.  

  4. Select one of the following actions:
    1. Click OK to save your changes.
      Workbench refreshes the rows displayed in the application and lists the filter values entered in the dialog at the top of the page.
    2. Click Cancel to return to the application without saving your changes.

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