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Assuring SQL statement quality


You can assure the quality of the SQL statements used in your applications by reviewing the violations of the expert rules used to evaluate them.


To use this feature, contact your BMC account team.

Viewing rule violations

You can use the SQL Assurance view to review:

  • A summary of expert rule violations by Db2 subsystem
  • A detailed list of expert rule violations for a Db2 subsystem
  • Create an instant violation to ignore rule for a specific SQL statement
  • Access the Manage Violations to Ignore rules view

For more information, see Viewing expert rule violations.

Managing VTI rules

You can use the Manage Violations to Ignore (VTI) rules view to:

  • Add new rules
  • Edit existing rules
  • Remove unwanted rules
  • Copy a rule
  • Deploy rules to Db2 subsystems where they are needed

For more information, see Managing Violations to Ignore rules and Deploying SQL Assurance Violation to Ignore rules.

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