Stopping RTCS

RTCS, which provides continuous services to client applications requires that all critical control blocks be anchored in the RTCS address space. If the RTCS Subsystem is not active, its services are not available, and the tasks or address spaces that are using RTCS terminate.

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We recommend that you do not shut down the RTCS Subsystem address space except in rare situations. For example, you want to perform one of the following actions:

  • Release the dynamic allocation on the system registry VSAM linear data set (LDS) for backup
  • Change the DSNAMEs of the OSZLINK or OSZRTCS production libraries defined in the OSZINIT started task PROC

This topic contains the following sections:

Before you begin

Issue one of the following commands:

    This command lists all the address spaces that must be stopped before you attempt to shut down RTCS.
    This command lists all the tasks that must end for RTCS shut down to proceed. 

To stop RTCS when no client products are running

  1. Make sure that no client product address spaces are running.
  2. Issue the following STOP command.  
    STOP cscbName

    cscbName is the name of the Command Scheduling Control Block (CSCB) that z/OS built.
    The default value is RTCS. To stop RTCS, issue the following command:

    P RTCS

To delay RTCS shutdown when other products are running

Sometimes, you might want to delay the RTCS shut down process because other client products are still running. At those times, issue the following command:


In this command, n denotes time in minutes. You can specify a minimum duration of one minute and a maximum of five minutes. 

On issuing this command, RTCS begins to shut down immediately. If some of the client products are still running, which might prevent a successful shutdown, RTCS waits for one second and attempts another shutdown. RTCS continues this process until a proper shutdown is accomplished or the specified delay time is reached. 

Even if the specified delay time has been attained and RTCS did not shut down; RTCS continues to run as normal. At this point, issue the following command to determine the tasks that must end for RTCS shut down to proceed:


We have observed that a TSO user who has used BMC AMI Ops products is often still active in the same TSO session.

To stop RTCS when client products are running

  1. Stop all BMC AMI Ops address spaces, including PAS, CAS, and TAS (Alternate Access) address spaces.

    If any BMC AMI Ops address spaces fail to stop, see the required product documentation for additional information.


    Failure to stop the address spaces before stopping RTCS can result in serious problems.

  2. Log off all BMC AMI Ops TSO users.

    If you cannot determine which TSO users are in use, log off all TSO users. You can also issue the F RTCS,DA command to determine if any TSO users are still logged-in.

  3. Issue the following command:
    P RTCS  

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