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Administering Next Generation Logger (NGL)

This section provides instructions for working with the Next Generation Logger (NGL) technology.

Next Generation Logger (NGL) is a technology that manages logging and retrieval functions including allocating, initializing, and managing log files. NGL minimizes the cost of logging and the potential for resource contention.

NGL uses a file system maintained on z/OS linear data sets for recording captured data into its log files. The NGL uses a "Round Robin" system in which the most current records eventually start replacing the least current records. The number of linear data sets comprising a file system is configurable by the user. When a linear data set is exhausted during insert processing, a switch is made to the next available data set. If all data sets in the file system have been used, the oldest data set is selected as the current logging data set and insertion continues.

This section contains the following information:

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