RESTful API issues


Unlike the legacy My Cloud Services console, the new My Cloud Services console does not allow you to reset customizations such as filtering, hiding, and searching to defaults.

Reset your preferences for the column choices or ordering in the My Requests Sever List by performing the following steps:

  1. Set up the REST Login session for the specified user.
  2. Set up a Post action for the URL: http://<PM_server>:<PM-port>/csm/PreferenceGroup/remove.

    This REST API request (with a blank body) will remove all PreferenceGroup and PreferenceGroupNameValuePair sets for the user who is logged in.

    When and are specified in the REST API request body, the PreferenceGroupNameValuePair sets specified in the input object are deleted.

    When only is specified but is not specified in the REST API request body, all PreferenceGroupNameValuePair sets for a given are deleted.

     Click here to view a sample PreferenceGroup - Remove REST API request.
      "timeout": -1,
      "operationParams": [
          "name": "preferenceGroup",
          "type": "",
          "multiplicity": "1",
          "value": {
            "cloudClass": "",
            "guid": "df93f2a9-da15-4942-8dfb-b38d0b8b6ff2",
            "name": "TestParam",
            "preferenceGroupNameValuePairsObject": [
                "cloudClass": "",
                "guid": "df93f2a9-da15-4942-8dfb-b49d0b8b6ff3",
                "name": "XYZ",         
                "value": "{'Order columns':{'col-0':['ui-id-1'],'col-1':[],'col-2':[]},'states': {'title':'System CPU 
                 Utilization','column':'0','portletid':'ui-id-1','requestdata':{'attrname':'System CPU
                 Utilization','attrlabel':'System CPU Utilization','entryname':'System CPU','entrylabel':'System 
              }, {
                "cloudClass": "",
                "guid": "df93f2a9-da15-4942-8dfb-b49d0b8b6ff4",
                "name": "ABC",
                "value": "sasasasa"

In the the legacy My Cloud Services console, the cloud administrator could delete older Activity Log entries selectively; however, this functionality is unavailable in the new My Cloud Services console.

Use the Prune activity records REST API request.

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