Configuring BMC Atrium Orchestrator

If you upgraded BMC Atrium Orchestrator, perform the steps in this topic to update modules and adapters. For the adapters, make sure you update them one at a time. Selecting multiple adapters for updating at the same time is not supported in the product.

  1. Log on to the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Configuration Distribution Peer, using administrator credentials:
  2. From the Manage tab, click Adapters.
  3. In the Type list, select the adapters that you want to update (the AR System adapter).

  4. Click Upgrade Adapters on Grid.
  5. Click Upgrade Modules.
  6. Click Adapter.
  7. If you are using the adapters that are shipped with the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management solution, upgrade the NetApp actor adapter, the BladeLogic adapter, and the AR System adapter.
    Additionally, activate any adapters that you added to the list of adapters that were shipped with the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management solution, for example, the Amazon adapter.
  8. (For HA environment only) Open the ARSAdapter entry and verify that the Load Balancer name for BMC AR System - Cloud Portal and Database is specified.

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