Component overview and integration

This topic provides a detailed diagram of the integrations between the various products in the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.solution. It contains the following information:

Product integration diagram

The following diagram provides a high-level overview of how products in the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management version 4.6 solution are integrated. The diagram illustrates the integration methods and flow between each environment that makes up BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management. The diagram presents only a high-level view of the requirements for deploying the solution. 

Product versions

For details on the list of products and their versions, that are installed with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management solution, see Component BMC product service pack and patch levels.

Understanding the differences between Small and Medium deployments

The following table lists the major differences between Small and Medium deployments. (tick) indicates instances that are required in the installer for the Deployment type, and (minus) indicates additional instances you can add to the deployment. For example, the Small Deployment requires only one Mid Tier instance. On the other hand, the Medium deployment requires two Mid Tier instances and you can install additional instances as needed to increase performance. 

Mid Tier(plus)(plus) (minus)
Atrium Core Web Registry(plus)(plus)
BMC Server Automation - File Server (optional)  
BMC Server Automation - App Server & Console(plus)(plus)
BMC Server Automation - Multiple App Server (optional)  
Atrium Orchestrator - CDP(plus)(plus)
Atrium Orchestrator - CDP (HA) (optional)  
BMC Network Automation(plus)(plus)
Cloud Database Extensions(plus)(plus)
Cloud Platform Manager(plus)(plus)
Cloud Portal AR Extensions(plus)(plus)
Enterprise-AR - Secondary (optional)  
Cloud-AR - Secondary (optional)  
Cloud Portal AR Extensions - Secondary (optional)  
PXE Server (optional)  
BMC Server Automation - Advance Repeater (optional)  
BMC Network Automation - Device Agent (optional)  

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