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Managing the team for a service

The Team page shows all of the users who can use the service. If you are the service owner, you can share the service with other users in your tenant. When you share a service among cloud users, they get the privileges to perform specific actions, such as starting or stopping that service. When a service is shared, quota is neither affected nor shared with other cloud users.

End users can add and delete team members.

This topic covers these procedures:

The following video (2:29) describes how you can manage a team for a service in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.


To add a user to a service

  1. Log on as an administrator. 
  2. Configure and follow the steps mentioned in Giving end users more control over services topic.
  3. On the My Resources tab, click a service from the Resource List page.
  4. Click the Team link.
  5. In the search field, start typing the name of the user you want to add to the team.
    A drop-down list is populated as you type.
  6. Select the name of the person you want to add.
    The user is added to the list of users.
  7. Continue adding users by using the search field.
  8. To confirm sharing of the service with the new users, click Update Team.
    The service might be unavailable for some time as access is granted to the new team members.

To remove a user from a service

  1. On the Team page, click the X icon at the end of the row for the user name you want to remove.

  2. Click Update Team.

To transfer the ownership of a service

If the user to whom a service is assigned to is no longer in the same role or in the same organization, consider transferring the ownership of the service offering instance to another user. After such a transfer, all relevant objects associated with the service are also transferred to the new owner. 

Only cloud administrators and tenant owners can transfer the ownership of a service.

Cloud administrators and tenant owners can transfer a service offering instance to a cloud user in the same tenant only if the required quota for the service offering is less than or equal to the cloud user's available quota. If the cloud user is allocated the maximum quota, the quota available with the tenant company is considered while transferring the ownership of a service offering instance. When the service offering instance is transferred to a cloud user across a different tenant, the tenant quota of the new tenant is considered before the transfer. For more information, see Quota management overview.

The new owner must already be added to the team list of the service.

If the current owner is a cloud administrator or tenant owner and ownership is transferred to another cloud administrator or tenant owner, the new owner replaces the current owner. The original owner is not listed as a team member because cloud administrators are inherently members of all teams, and tenant owners are inherently members of all teams under their tenants.

  1. Open the Team page of a service.
  2. Next to the name of the team member who will be the new owner, click Team Member and select Make Owner.

    The prospective owner's name is moved to the top of the team list.
  3. Click Update Team.
    The service might be unavailable for some time as ownership changes.

To transfer a service across tenants (cloud administrators only)

Two tenants cannot share a service, but if the logical hosting environment for a service is shared among multiple tenants, cloud administrators can transfer ownership between tenants.

If the cloud administrator selects a user from a different tenant to become the owner, the following message appears, "Do you want to make <user name> as owner and clear the existing team?" If the cloud administrator clicks Yes, the existing list of users is removed, and the new user becomes the owner. If the cloud administrator clicks No, the user is not added to the team. 

An owner of a service, cloud administrator, or tenant administrator can share a service with other cloud end users from the same tenant. You do not need to share a service with a cloud administrator or a tenant administrator because, by default they have access to all the services in a given tenant. Cloud administrators and tenant administrators are listed in the User search field on the Team page only for transferring ownership and not for sharing a service.

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