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Resolving product installation issues on target hosts

When you install a product in the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management solution on a target host, you might encounter issues due to various reasons. This topic explains the possible reasons for the error and provides the steps that you can perform to troubleshoot a specific installation issue.

To resolve errors with the product installation

  1. Ensure that no network failure issues or environment-related issues occurred.
  2. If you found a network or environment related issues, revert the installer and target hosts and restore the database, if required, to the state where you started the installation.
  3. Launch the maintenance tool to create the log files needed for troubleshooting. 

    ProductPathNameLog file name
    Enterprise-AR<EAR_INSTALL_PATH>\Utilities\ (Windows)
    BusinessServiceManagementMaintenanceTool.cmd (Windows) BusinessServiceManagementMaintenanceTool.sh (Linux)bmcremedyitsmsuitepreconfiguredstack_install_log
    CLM Core<CLM_INSTALL_PATH>\Utilities\ (Windows) <CLM_INSTALL_PATH>/Utilities/ (Linux)BMCCloudLifeCycleManagementMaintenanceTool.cmd (Windows) BMCCloudLifeCycleManagementMaintenanceTool.sh (Linux)bmcclm_install_log.txt
    Atrium Core Web Registry<ACWS_INSTALL_PATH>\ (Windows) <ACWS_INSTALL_PATH>/ (Linux)AtriumCoreMaintenanceTool.cmd (Windows) atriumcore/AtriumCoreMaintenanceTool.sh (Linux)atriumcore_install_log
  4. Select the Zip All Logs button to back up all product installation logs, including:
    • The planner_install.log (located at %temp% for Windows and /tmp for Linux) on the installer host.
    • The rscd.log, located on the target host.
  5. Review the <product>InstalledConfiguration.xml file (for example, BusinessServiceManagementInstalledConfiguration.xml). 

    ProductPathLog file name
    Enterprise-ARC:\Program Files\BMC Software (Windows)
    /opt/bmc (Linux)
    CLM Core<CLM_INSTALL_PATH>\BMCCloudLifeCycleManagement (Windows) 
    <CLM_INSTALL_PATH>/BMCCloudLifeCycleManagement (Linux)
    Atrium Core Web Registry<ACWS_INSTALL_PATH>\Atrium Web Registry (Windows) 
    <ACWS_INSTALL_PATH>/Atrium Web Registry (Linux)
  6. Review the ProductRegistry.xml files, respectively located at C:Windows or /opt/bmc
  7. Examine the logs for any for SEVERE and FATAL error messages. If you found a SEVERE or FATAL error, ensure that you resolve them.
  8. Review the Known and corrected installation issues topic to verify if the SEVERE error you see in the log is documented with a workaround.
  9. Verify that the product for which the installation error was generated is installed correctly.
  10. After performing all of the above steps, attempt installing the product again described at Restarting a failed product installation.
  11. If the issue still persists, contact BMC Support.
    To expedite the resolution, ensure that you have all the log files and installation screenshots, if any, ready before you contact BMC Support.

This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.