Troubleshooting the Platform Manager and the CLM Self Checker

When you start the Cloud Platform Manager for the first time, the file is created on the Cloud Platform Manager. This file is useful for troubleshooting. The file stores the information about the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management components and is used to provide information about all the components to the cloud database. For more information, see Configuring the file.

  • file is not created on the Platform Manager host if NSH is not installed.
  • On a multi-VM stack, is not created on the Platform Manager host if the RSCD agent service of any of the hosts where CLM components are deployed is not reachable.  
  • If is not created on the Platform Manager host, the Restart All Components button is hidden on the CLM Self-Checker. If you do not see Restart All Components, troubleshoot the possible reasons why the StackInformation file is not created on the Platform Manager host. Possible reasons include:
    • RSCD agent service of any of the computers where CLM components are deployed is not reachable.  
    • RSCD agent is not running on the same port as the Self Check RSCD agent port. Check the following line in the C:\Windows\rsc\secure file:
    • Port value is not the same on all the components.
    • The components machines are not reachable through NSH. You can use an agentinfo command to verify. 
  • When Restart is in-progress:
    • Platform Manager waits for the Enterprise AR service to be running, But if the Enterprise AR service is still not started after 10 attempts, Platform Manger starts with a warning message.
    • Health Check is stopped in the background to avoid false alarms. The stopped health status is displayed with a different color scheme (Gray), which informs you that Restart is in progress and Health checks are paused. After CLM is up and running after restart, Health Check is resumed.
  • If Restart is not completed because the Self Checker Tomcat server has crashed, you are notified the next time you log on to the Self Checker with a Restart was aborted message. If you see this error, the cloud administrator must click Restart All Components again. This action restarts the CLM stack from the beginning because the Self Checker does not store the history of the Restart Stack process.

Problems related to CLM Self-Checker Monitor with Internet Explorer 9

Viewing the CLM Self-Checker Monitor in Internet Explorer 9 has various problems, including:

  • Details entered under the Settings tab appear in grey.
    Workaround: You only see this problem the first time that you log on. Click another tab and then re-click the Settings tab. The details then appear properly. 

  • If you open the SMTP Settings, the password is improperly displayed in the Password field.
    Workaround: Use Internet Explorer 10 or a different browser (for example, Firefox) to modify the SMTP Settings. 

  • If you view the Enterprise and Cloud AR System health check in the CLM Self-Checker Monitor, the multi-column format is not supported. Currently, Internet Explorer 9 only supports a scroll-bar.
    Workaround: Use Firefox instead if you must use the keyboard. Also, using the mouse works as expected with Chrome. 
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