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Retrying provisioning service offering instances

For any reason, if the service offering instance (SOI) fails, you can remediate the root cause why the SOI failed, and retry provisioning. After a service offering instance provisioning fails, the cloud administrator receives an email notification about the failure. A cloud administrator can access the Activity Log from the notification email and then retry provisioning the SOI. 

Only a cloud administrator can retry provisioning a service offering instance for all the users. An end user or a cloud tenant administrator cannot retry provisioning an SOI.


The Retry Provisioning option is available only if you are accessing the new My Cloud Services Console.


The following BMC Communities video (4:53) demonstrates the information discussed in this topic.


Before you begin

By default, the Retry Provisioning option for a service offering instance is not enabled. To retry provisioning an SOI, you must ensure that you configure the properties in the providers.json file as described in the following steps:

  1. On the Cloud Platform Manager, go to the <installation directory>\configuration location and open the providers.json properties file.
  2. In the providers.json properties file, search for the enableSOIProvisioningRetry property and set it to true.
    The following figure depicts the enableSOIProvisioningRetry property in the providers.json file.

  3. Search for the SOIPendingAdminTimeout property and specify a timeout value in seconds.
    This property denotes the time that an SOI will remain in the Pending state before it qualifies to be marked as failed.
    Once an SOI is marked as failed, you cannot retry provisioning it.
  4. Search for the SOIPendingAdminCheckInterval property and specify a polling interval in seconds.
    This property specifies the time interval to periodically check for SOIs in Pending state to be marked as failed.

    The following figure displays the SOIPendingAdminTimeout and SOIPendingAdminCheckInterval properties in the providers.json properties file.

  5. Restart the Cloud Platform Manager. 

To retry provisioning a service offering instance

  1. From the new My Cloud Services console, on the My Resources page, click Activity Log to view the failed SOIs.
    In the email notification, which you receive as an administrator for a failed SOI, click the Click Here for Troubleshooting link to access the Activity Log. 
    The following figure shows a list of SOIs and their statuses. The number beside the SOI indicates the progress and the failure of the SOI. For example, 81 indicates that the SOI provisioning completed for 81% and then failed. 
  2. Click Troubleshooting Information.
    The Troubleshooting Information link is displayed only after the SOI fails. The Troubleshooting Information page provides root cause information about why the SOI failed, at what step (such as Placement, Quota Usage Evaluation, or Network steps), and with suggested remediation action. 
  3. After performing the suggested remediation action, you can perform either of the following activities. 
  4. On the Troubleshooting Information dialog box, click Retry Provisioning to restart the SOI provisioning.  
    The following message is displayed:Your request has been submitted. You can view the progress of the SOI on the Activity Log page. The number beside the SOI is reset and shows the latest progress of the SOI.

A cloud end user can only see the status of the SOI as either Suspended or In Progress while the restart is in progress.  

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This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.