Distributed Server Option issues

The following sections provide information for troubleshooting Distributed Server Option (DSO) issues:

Issues shown in the Infrastructure Events workarea

If the Infrastructure Events workarea indicates Distributed Server Option (DSO) issues on either the enterprise BMC Remedy AR server or the cloud BMC Remedy AR server, see the Troubleshooting BMC Remedy Distributed Server Option topic in the BMC Remedy AR server online technical documentation for a list of procedures to troubleshoot the DSO issues.

Performance issues with DSO

By default, the BMC Remedy DSO server is a nonpolling server: it queries the distributed pending queue in real time whenever a request is submitted to the queue. If the request is associated with a nonpolling distributed pool, the server immediately notifies the pool. Depending on your environment, this might affect the performance of the BMC Remedy Distributed Server Option server by overloading it with unnecessary operations.

For pools with heavy activity, BMC recommends that you make them polling pools, which query the distributed pending queue at specified intervals. For example, suppose a pool is configured to query the queue every 12 hours. If a request associated with the pool is submitted to the queue 1 hour after the pool’s last query, the request is not processed for 11 hours. Use this option to shift the processing of noncritical requests to periods of low database activity.

To enhance the performance of the BMC Remedy DSO server in such environments, you can make it a polling server. Polling servers query the distributed pending queue only at specified fixed-time intervals; they do not receive real-time signals from workflow.

Complete the following steps to change the DSO pool polling interval to fixed-time intervals:

  1. Open BMC Remedy Developer Studio.
  2. In AR System Navigator, expand the appropriate server tree.
  3. In the server tree, expand the All Objects node.
  4. In the All Objects list, double-click Distributed Pools.
    The Distributed Pools tab appears in the object lists area. The tab lists the distributed mappings defined on the server.
  5. Double-click the distributed pool that you want to modify.
    The distributed pool appears in the Distributed Pool editor.
  6. Modify the pool as necessary.

    For additional information about DSO, see the Configuring BMC Remedy Distributed Server Option topic in the BMC Remedy AR System online technical documentation.

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