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Assigning a change policy to a service offering

This topic provides a description of the out-of-the-box change policies and describes how to associate a change policy with a service offering in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.

The cloud administrator or a user with administrator permissions creating a service offering determines which change policy should be associated to the service offering. The end user who selects the service offering instance is typically unaware of the underlying change policy associated with that service offering. For more information about change policies for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management, see Overview of the BMC Change Management integration.

This topic includes the following sections:

The following video (4:49) describes how options work with change approval using BMC Change Management.


To assign a change policy to a service offering

The cloud end user or administrator requests a service, which is then linked to a service offering. The details of the service offering are defined in its underlying requestable offering definition. This procedure describes how to assign a change policy to a service offering.

  1. From the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Administration Console, open the Service Catalog workspace.
  2. Select the Service Offering.
  3. Click the Edit Service Offering icon .
  4. Select the service offering definition you want to modify.
  5. Click the Edit the request definition icon .
  6. Select the change policy from the Change Policy drop-down menu to assign it to the requestable offering definition, as shown in the following example:

  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Online.

By default, the No Change Required policy is assigned to a new service offering. With the No Change Required policy to a change request, the change template is not associated to that change request. Therefore, no operations are performed in BMC Change Management.

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This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.