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Using BMC application log on accounts to verify the installation

This topic lists the credentials to log on to the BMC applications. It also includes details about accessing the applications (for example, the BMC Remedy Mid Tier URL, logon ID, and password). 

Verifying the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management installation (video)

The following video (04:37) describes how to verify that your installation is working properly. 


Application credentials

Use the following credentials to access the BMC applications. 

User namePasswordPurpose and notes
DemoNone by default

Default use. During installation, you cannot modify the password because the installer imports the Suite Stack Installer (SSI) database during installation. After installation, update the password.

Local DSO User PasswordUser-defined during installDSO password must not be greater than 8 characters. You can change the password later in BMC Remedy Administrator Console. 
Application Server PasswordUser-defined during installYou can change the password later in BMC Remedy Administrator Console. 
Mid-Tier Administration PasswordUser-defined during installAccesses Mid Tier. You can change the password later in BMC Remedy Administrator Console. 



BMC Atrium Orchestrator – Enterprise BMC Remedy AR System Administrator user

appadminNone by defaultDefault use


User-defined during install

BMC CLM administration user for creation and management of services


User-defined during install

Superuser that has Read access on every Configuration Manager object. You must set the password so that this user is protected.

BLGuestUser-defined during installExecutes user-level actions on provisioned servers. You must set the password so that this user is protected.
RBACAdminUser-defined during installSuperuser who has full permission in managing Configuration Manager users. You must set the password so that this user is protected.
BLAdminsUser-defined during installDefault user role in BMC Server Automation
bna_userUser-defined during installLocal user in BMC Network Automation



BMC Network Automation Administrator user

ao_adapterUser-defined during installAtrium Orchestrator user account with BMC Network Automation adapter
netapp_admin (suggested)Admin-definedDFM server user name




csmUser-defined during installCLM integration with BMC Network Automation
bda_admin (suggested)User-defined during installBMC Database Automation Manager user (during Platform Manager installation)
administratorUser-defined during installvCloud Administrator user name

Database logon accounts

The following database credentials are used in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.

BMC database accounts

DB user namePasswordDatabase tablespaceUser details
ARSystem_User  AR System server database login




Enterprise-AR System administrator account. You can modify this value later.

saDBA-defined DBMS administrator to Windows SQL Server database
systemDBA-defined DBMS administrator to Linux Oracle database


User-defined during install


BMC Server Automation administrator user account

BLADE  Oracle instance ID



BMC Network Automation administrator user account

bna_user  BMC Network Automation database user name to create a database during installation
sys/system  sys/system user credentials
CLM_Installer  Database installer user
bsa_users  BMC Server Automation SQL user
clminstaller  Local administrator on MS Windows servers. Used for installation.

Application access

Use the following credentials to access the BMC applications. 

BMC application access details

ProductApplication information

BMC Remedy AR System Server 

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Core Extensions

Port: 0
User: Demo 
Password: userDefined

BMC Remedy Mid Tier

Port: 8080 
User: Demo 
Password: none

BMC Atrium Web Services

Port: 8080
User: admin

Cloud Platform Manager (OSGi)

End User Portal

Port: 9443 (OSGi)
User: clmadmin
superuser password:  userDefined 

BMC Network Automation

Port 11443 
User: sysadmin 
Password: sysadmin

BMC Server Automation

User: BLAdmin 
Password: userDefined 
Web service port: 10843
SRP Authentication port: 10840 

BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform

BMC Atrium Orchestrator Content

baoam port: 9090 
baocdp port: 28080 
User: admin 
Password: admin123

This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.