Switching installer computers

If you need to switch an installer computer to launch the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Solution Installer from a different host, you must generate the PlannerProductRegistry.xml file from your current installer host. You might also need to switch your installer computer to another host to troubleshoot failed installations.

The product registry file contains complete registration and configuration information about the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management products.


The product registry file is updated with information from the most recent installation. If the installer is shut down due to unforeseen reasons (for example, system updates that restart the computer), you lose this information.

The following topics are covered in this section:

To generate the product registry file

  1. Launch the installer.
  2. Step through the final installation and configuration of a product.
    For more information, see Installing BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.
    The following figure illustrates the finished state of an installation. The BMC Network Automation product has been installed and configured. The Done button appears.
  3. Click Done.
  4. In the Select Deployment Type page, select Exit the Installation.
  5. When the summary of the installation appears, click Done to exit the installer.
    The PlannerProductRegistry.xml registry file is generated at C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Planner.
  6. Copy and save the file to a different computer.


The following scenario describes how to use the PlannerProductRegistry.xml registry file.

  1. Run the installer on ABC VM to install BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management products.
  2. Copy and save the PlannerProductRegistry.xml registry file to DEF VM.
    ABC VM no longer is available due to a software update. You decide to install additional BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management products from DEF VM.
  3. Launch the installer on DEF VM and select Integrate with an Existing Deployment.
  4. Select the Existing Registry option and browse to the PlannerProductRegistry.xml file.
    The existing product information from your earlier installation is prepopulated in the installer.
  5. Continue installing products.
  6. Save a new copy of the PlannerProductRegistry.xml file on DEF VM when you finish.
  7. (Optional) Discard the old PlannerProductRegistry.xml file.

To switch the installer computer

After you generate the registry file from an existing installer computer, use the following steps to run the installer on another computer.


Copy the installer executables to the host computers from which to run the installer.

  1. Use the installer to install at least one product on one host.
  2. When the installation is finished, copy the PlannerProductRegistry.xml registry file to the second host at the following location:
  3. Launch the installer on the second host and on the Welcome page, click Next.
  4. Review the license agreement and agree to its terms, and then click Next.
  5. Select Integrate with an Existing Deployment, and then click Next.
  6. Select I have a backup BMC Installation registry, and then click Next.
    The BMC Installation Registry Location page appears.
  7. Select the Browse button to find the directory from your previous installation.
    The default location is C:\PlannerProductRegistry.xml.
  8. Click Next and follow the installer panels to complete the installation.
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