Installation recommendations

When you install BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management, follow these recommendations to ensure a successful experience:


To reduce installation time significantly, do not install the products over the wide area network (WAN).

  • Before you start installing, review the Installation order and product dependencies and Planning your installation topics.
  • Install multiple products in one session. When you see the Done button in the installer, you have completed the installation.
  • Keep the installer host running until you finish installing and configuring the product in the deployment type that you chose.

  • Enter all the target hosts before you start installation. If you need to shut down the installer host due to an IT policy in your organization, operating system update, or network shutdown, you can safely resume installation.

  • Save the PlannerProductRegistry.xml registry file to a different computer.
    For more information, see Switching installer computers.
  • When the product installation or upgrade requires the 64-bit Oracle JRE as a prerequisite, you cannot substitute the OpenJDK version. Before you start:

    1. Check the Java version installed on your host.
    2. If the OpenJDK is installed, uninstall it and replace it with the 64-bit Oracle JRE. 
    3. If you removed the OpenJDK and installed the Oracle JRE, verify that the environment variables are properly set to reflect the new JRE version. 

    Otherwise, consult the following table for which version of the Oracle JRE is required for 4.5.

    Oracle JRE required for new installations or upgrades  
    CLM components

    Category 1

    • EAR
    • Mid Tier
    • AtriumWS

    Category 2

    • Platform Manager
    • Cloud Portal
    • EUP
    • Self Check Monitor
    4.51.7 (public JRE)
    • 1.7 (public JRE)
    • Use bundled JRE (1.7.0_55)

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