Installing BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management

The BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Installer enables you to deploy BMC products in your cloud environment. The installer guides you step-by-step through the installation process, including the configuration of dependent products. When you start the installer, you can choose to install one or more products at a time. Because certain products depend on other products, you cannot install all products at the same time. You must run the installer multiple times to install all of the products in the solution.

Use the procedure in this section for both Linux and Microsoft Windows environments. Any specific requirements or steps for the installation that depend on the environment are called out specifically in the procedure.

High-level steps for installing the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management solution

Perform the following high-level steps to install the solution:

  1. Review the installation order and the installation recommendations.
  2. Launch the installer and provide the initial options, such as Deployment Type.
    For more information, see Launching the installer and installing the products

  3. Install the products in the solution as required.

  4. Optionally, prepare to perform the installation from another computer.

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