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Product overview

This topic explains the business value of the BSM for Cloud Computing initiative and describes the associated value paths that enable you to be successful with your cloud implementation.

Business challenge

Organizations seeking to implement a cloud environment initially require a complex set of functionality and need to support increasing user needs and operational best practices over time. These requirements are not always well defined. IT is asked to deliver the cloud vision quickly, and often with limited financial resources. IT can feel torn between low-cost solutions and required functionality. Additionally, IT might not be aware of certain long term business priorities when deciding on a cloud implementation.

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management solution

The answer is an automated, self-service driven and policy-based cloud management solution. Through BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management, you can create a new, independent cloud environment, or leverage existing policies, processes, tools, and people across heterogeneous physical, virtual, and cloud environments. BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management enables you to:

  • Identify both the immediate and long term requirements of the cloud environment, specific to the needs of your organization.
  • Build a flexible, highly customizable cloud environment that can both meet the varied needs of your users and maintain tight control over cloud services delivered.
  • Provide users with an easy-to-use environment for managing and requesting cloud services.
  • Enable the provisioning of resources in both private and public clouds.
  • Monitor and optimize the environment for capacity and performance, making appropriate modifications to ensure that service levels are met.
  • Maintain cloud services in the central CMDB of your organization, maintaining the single source of truth for IT.
  • Achieve, maintain, and report about configuration and regulatory compliance with minimal effort.

BSM for Cloud Computing initiative

The following video provides a high level view of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.


The BSM for Cloud Computing initiative provides benefits that focus on areas of managing resources and services in the cloud.

  • Cloud planning and design — Provides the top-down design of cloud services, and the operational design of cloud architecture and capacity needs. Integrates cloud architecture and IT management processes. Enables you to plan your business for hybrid cloud delivery.
  • Hybrid cloud delivery — Enables you to build flexible cloud service offerings to meet business needs. Delivers single and multi-tier cloud services efficiently. Provides intelligent, policy-driven placement and ongoing optimization. Supports resources for physical and virtual, private and public clouds.
  • Cloud operations — Enables holistic ongoing operations, linking performance, capacity, and service levels. Provides business-aware delivery of cloud service levels. Enables you to manage performance in public and private clouds, and optimize resource utilization.
  • Cloud governance and compliance — Aligns business metrics with IT operations. Extends existing operational best practices to the cloud. Enables responsible compliant operations. Provides tight fiscal controls and transparency.

This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.