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API stability classifications

Each API has a stability classification that provides guidance regarding the appropriateness of an API for a given task in a specific usage environment. The following table describes the stability classifications:

Stability classifications




The API is stable and can be used to enable integration and inter-operation between software components with the expectation of compatibility within a major release of the solution. The API is under formal change control.


The API is experimental or transitional. The API can be used to provide early access to new functionality or as an interim solution to a problem where a more general solution is anticipated. The API is not under change control, but changes to the API are formally communicated to API consumers based on an agreed upon communication process.


The API can change at any time and for any reason. The API should be used to keep track of rapidly evolving requirements and standards. Changes to the API are not formally communicated.


The API is no longer in use.


The API does not have an assigned stability classification.

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