CLM AWS SDK syntax and usage

This topic describes the syntax for using the CLM AWS SDK methods, and includes the following sections:

Syntax and usage

CLM AWS SDK is a Java-based API, so it can be used through your existing Portal, DevOps, or Automation solutions for AWS cloud or your on-premise cloud providers.

CLM AWS SDK provides you with a parameterized constructor CLMEC2Client. You can use the CLMEC2Client to execute the CLM AWS SDK methods and invoke the Amazon EC2 or on-premise methods using BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management:

CLMEC2Client(Properties properties)ParameterizedConstructs a new client and expects the configuration parameters required by CLM AWS SDK to be passed as argument in java.util.Properties


You can also specify some of the configuration parameters as the property values in the The configuration file must be present in a clmsdk directory under the Users home directory. See Providing configuration parameters to CLM AWS SDK for details on parameters required by CLM AWS SDK.

CLM AWS SDK user role and features

The CLM AWS SDK can be used by an IT developer of your company.  The developer will get end user, tenant administrator or cloud admininistrator acount details to interact with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management server and can perform the following tasks using the CLM AWS SDK on AWS cloud or an on-premise cloud:

  • provision a service
  • create or edit a service offering
  • view services after it is provisioned
  • describe an instance, instance status, and instance method
  • reboot an instance
  • perform a start action on a service or server
  • perform a stop action on a service or server
  • perform a terminate action on a server

Where to go from here

For details about the CLM AWS SDK methods, see CLM AWS SDK reference.

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