Viewing results of previous VM onboardings

Quick Start lets you view VMs that have been previously onboarded.

To view VMs that were onboarded previously

  1. On the Quick Start welcome page, click View Previous VM Onboard Results.
    The Previous Runs page opens. It lists previous onboarding requests.

  2. To view details about the VMs onboarded during a previous request, click View

  3. Click Close to close the window and return to the Quick Start welcome page.

 To remove unwanted VM onboarding results

In some situations you may want to clear disk space on the Platform Manager by removing results for VMs that were onboarded previously. Performing this action removes results for all previously onboarded VMs.

  1. On the Platform Manager, access the following directory:
    • (Windows) <installPath>\Platform_Manager\QuickStart\batchdata
      The typical value for <installPath> on Windows is C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BMCCloudLifeCycleManagement.
    • (Linux) <installPath>/Platform_Manager/QuickStart/batchdata
      The typical value for <installPath> on Linux is /opt/bmc/BMCCloudLifeCycleManagement.
  2. Delete the contents of the batchdata directory.
    The batchdata directory contains an index file called batchResults and json files for each VM onboard previously.
  3. Restart Quick Start.
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