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Using Service Blueprints in a vCloud context

The vApp templates are generated in vCloud Director and automatically imported into BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management. These vApp templates serve as service blueprints for vCloud provisioning. In other words, you do not create service blueprints for vCloud provisioning because they are automatically generated.

Since the vApp templates are automatically generated, you cannot edit the values for any of the constructs. On the UI, the Blueprint Editor and the Blueprint Library areas are disabled. When you select a VM, in the Compute Resources area, the Cloud Platform and the Installable Resource fields are empty as the cloud platform and installable resource information is stored in the blueprint document. You can continue using the blueprint.

You can only add a tag to the blueprint definition, add a tag to the Network construct, or change the IP address assignment (either dynamic or static) for the NICs attached to the server. 


BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management does not support vApp networks; only Org VDC Networks are supported.

This topic includes the following sections:

Naming of service blueprints

Auto-generated blueprints use this naming convention: FM_Blueprintprefix_nameofimportedVapptemplate.


Functional Model


Same as the blueprint prefix you entered when you registered the VMware vCloud provider type.


Name of the vApp template in the vCloud Director environment.

The following example lists the blueprints derived from vApp templates:

These vCloud service blueprints support only a subset of the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management service blueprint features. The vApp template has its own defaults that are used in the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management context. You can override some defaults, but not all.

Roadmap for service blueprint documentation

The following table provides links to the applicable service blueprint documentation.

Service blueprint overviewProvides an overview of the service blueprint workspace.
Creating, copying, or editing a service blueprintDescribes the process for creating, copying, or editing a service blueprint.

Where to go from here

After viewing or updating data in the vCloud Service Blueprint, you can proceed to define Service Catalog entries.

This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.