Defining Service Catalog entries for vCloud

In the Service Catalog workspace, you can define vCloud entries as you would other BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management entries; however, you cannot customize the host name.


Beginning in version 4.5.00 Patch 1, you can customize the host name.

To define a Service Catalog entry

  1. From the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Administration Console, click the vertical Workspaces menu on the left side of the window, and click Service Catalog.
  2. From the Service Catalog, select the service you previously created and click the Edit icon .
  3. In the General Information tab, edit the default service offering:
    • Default Service Offering - Enable this option to make the selected service offering the default for the service. 
      Unless users select a different service offering, the default service offering is used. 
    • Name - Enter a short, descriptive name for the service offering. 
    • Description - Enter a more detailed description of the service offering. 
    • Service Blueprint  - Specify the software and hardware to associate with the service offering by selecting one of the service blueprints you created previously
    • Reference Definition - Specify the version of the selected service blueprint that you want to use. 
    • Definition - Specify how to deploy the selected service blueprint. 
      From the list, select a service definition that is available for the chosen service blueprint.
  4. Add a Base Customer Price to define the amount charged to the customer for the service offering. 
    You can enter multiple customer prices per service. For more information, see Adding a customer price or delivery cost to an option, service, or request action.
  5. Add a Base Deployment Cost to define the amount that it costs to provide the service offering. 
    You can enter one deployment cost per service. For more information, see Adding a customer price or delivery cost to an option, service, or request action.
  6. Click Apply, which activates the Options tab.
  7. Click the Options tab to add options to the service offering. 
    You can only select options whose Type is set to Any request or Request DefinitionThe choices for the selected option appear in the Option Choice table.
  8. Click Apply to save the current settings. 

You can now create the requestable offering definition and associate or add Day 1 options (CPU, Memory, Disk, and Software) to the service offering. You can also create Post Deploy Options for the service offering and add Day 2 options. See Creating the service offering for vCloud

See Creating cloud services and related topics for more information about creating and modifying service catalog entries.


When creating the requestable offering definition for a vCloud service, be sure that you specify vCloud in the Type drop-down list, as shown in the following example:

See create the service offering for vCloud for the complete procedure.

Where to go from here

After you define your vCloud Service Catalog entry, you can create the requestable offering and add options to the service.

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