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Creating the service offering for vCloud

This topic describes the specific deployment requestable offerings (DROs)  and transaction requestable offerings (TROs) options you can associate with a vCloud service offering. It includes the following sections:

Before you begin

Before you can create a service offering for vCloud, you must have created at least one service.

To create a requestable offering definition

The request definition describes the details of the service offering, including the name, description, and one-time delivery price (which is different from the service offering price that describes the ongoing maintenance price). The cloud administrator can define only one request definition for a particular service offering, and a request definition must be created for the service offering to be available in the BMC My Services Cloud Console. Request definitions can also be added to packages.

  1. If the service for which you are creating the request definition is not in edit mode, select the service from the Service Catalog.
  2. Click the Edit icon .
  3. In the Service Offerings section, select a service offering from the left side of the section.
  4. Click Create request definition
    (If the service offering has an existing request definition, this option is not available because only one request definition is allowed for each service offering.)

  5. In the Request Definition dialog box, complete the following fields:

    TitleEnter a descriptive title for the requestable offering. This example uses vCloud general purpose vApp instance. The customer will use this offering to request the provisioning of a vCloud instance that is based on a vApp template.

    Enter a detailed description of the requestable offering. In this example, the description notes that there are options for increasing the CPU.


    Only 255 characters can be shown in the Request Entry console. Any text greater than 255 character is indicated by ellipsis points (...), although you cannot access this text in the Console.

    KeywordsEnter aliases (keywords) used to search for requestable offering in the My Cloud Services Console. Requesters can enter these keywords when they search for services in the My Cloud Services Console.
    One-time PriceEnter the actual price of this requestable service.
    Start DateEnter the date that this requestable offering goes online. After the requestable offering is approved and deployed, it becomes available online after the date you enter here.
    Change Policy

    Specify the type of Change Policy to be used, if your BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management environment has been integrated with BMC Change Management. This example uses No change required because change management is not enabled in this environment. 


    Select vCloud.

    ImageSpecify which image appears to users in the My Cloud Services Console.

    Approval Type

    Specify the type of approval required for the service request, if your BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management environment has been integrated with BMC Change Management. This example uses None because change management is not enabled in this environment, and no approval chain record is associated with the service request when it is submitted.

  6. Click Next.
  7. Specify the category type that applies to the requestable offering (in this example, Cloud Services).
  8. Associate one or more packages with the requestable offering. 
    Note that at least one package needs to be associated with the requestable offering
    1. To associate a package, select it from the Available Packages table, and click Add.
    2. You can also drag and drop packages from the Available Packages table to the Associated Packages table. Packages that are related to the company for this requestable offering are listed in the Available Packages table.
    3. To filter the packages listed in the Available Packages table, enter a word or string in the Search field, and press Enter.
  9. Click Finish.

You can now create a post-deploy action, or associate end-user options with the requestable service offering.

To create a post-deploy action

A post-deploy action is an action an end-user can take on a service instance after it has been provisioned. For example, after a vCloud instance has been provisioned, the user might request a different amount of memory or CPU. Post-deploy actions are not required, and the cloud administrator can create any number of post-deploy actions per service offering. 

  1. From the Service Catalog, select the service to which you want to add a post-deploy action.
  2. Click the Edit icon .
  3. In the Service Offerings section, select a service offering from the left side of the section.
  4. Click Create post-deploy action

    The Request Definition window appears.
  5. Complete the steps described in To create a requestable offering definition.
  6. After creating a post-deploy action, you can associate options with it, as described in the following section.
  7. Click Save.

To associate options with a service offering

To enable the options to be presented to end-users, you must associate the options with a service offering request definition or post-deploy action.

  1. From the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Administration Console, click the vertical Workspaces menu on the left side of the window and select Service Catalog.
  2. In the Service Catalog workspace, select the vCloud service to which you want to associate an option. This example uses the vCloud service offering created in the previous procedure.
  3. Click Edit 
    The Edit Service window is displayed. 
  4. Click the Options tab. 
    The Options panel is displayed.   
  5. Click the Options editor icon
    The Options editor is displayed
  6. Select the Option and the related Option choices you want to associate with the service offering. This example uses the CPU option, with the 1 CPU option choice selected as the default selection for the CPU option.
  7. Click OK
    The option is added to the list of available options for the service offering request definition.
  8. From the list under Available Options, select the options to add to this service offering and click Add
    Note that because you are editing the request definition for the service offering, only options whose Type is set to Any request or Request Definition. If you are editing a post-deploy action, you can only select options whose Type is set to Any or Post-Deploy Action.
  9. The options that you selected appear in the list under Selected Options, and the associated option choices appear in the table at the bottom of the window. 
  10. Click Apply and then click Save.

In this example, the service offering will now include an option for the end user to request additional CPU for the vCloud instance.

Where to go from here

Now that the service offering has been created, an administrator or end user can submit a requestable offering to provision a VM into the vCloud.

Related topics

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This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.