Managing multiple user accounts for an IBM Bluemix Infrastructure provider instance

This topic provides information about managing multiple user accounts for the IBM Bluemix Infrastructure (formerly IBM SoftLayer) provider. You can add multiple IBM Bluemix Infrastructure user accounts and edit or delete an existing user account.


After you restart the Platform Manager or BMC_CSM services, clear the BMC Remedy mid tier cache. If you do not clear the cache, you will not see the Manage Multiple Accounts option for IBM Bluemix Infrastructure in the Providers workspace.

To add account credentials

  1. From the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management – Administration Console, click the vertical Workspaces menu on the left side of the window and select Providers.
  2. On the Providers page, select the IBM SoftLayer provider type and click Manage Multiple Accounts  .

    The Manage IBM SoftLayer User Account window displays the Existing IBM SoftLayer credentials pane.


  3. In the Add Account Credentials section, enter the required IBM Bluemix Infrastructure user account and API Key information: 

    Account Prefix

    Prefix to identify the SoftLayer Data Center entries.

    Note: This field is required and has no minimum limit.

    User NameIBM Bluemix Infrastructure user name.
    Authentication KeyIBM Bluemix Infrastructure user account API key.
  4. Click Add.
    A notification appears, indicating that the account details have been saved.
  5. Click OK.
    The newly added account details appear in the Existing IBM SoftLayer Credentials list.

To edit account credentials

  1. On the Manage IBM SoftLayer User Account page, select the account credential that you want to edit. 
  2. Click Edit Account Credentials.
  3. Edit the selected account credential details (API Key) in the Edit Account Credentials section.
  4. To save the edited account credential information, click Update.

To delete account credentials

  1. On the Manage IBM SoftLayer User Account page, select the existing account credential that you want to delete.


    Ensure that you do not have any onboarded resources that correspond to the Azure account credential that you intend to delete.

  2. Click Delete Account Credentials .
  3. In the confirmation dialog box, click Yes to confirm the deletion.

Where to go from here

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