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Onboarding and offboarding Logical Data Centers for Amazon Web Services

A Logical Data Center is a logical construct that can be any external data center entity. For example, in the context of Amazon Web Services (AWS), a Logical Data Center can be a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) or an Availability Zone (AZ). A Logical Data Center is similar to and at the same hierarchical level as a network container. Both a Logical Data Center and a network container belong to a logical hosting environment. (A logical hosting environment acts as a separate, abstract entity that contains the data for the Logical Data Center or network container.)

You can onboard or offboard Logical Data Centers in the Network Container tab (part of the logical hosting environment) of the Resource Management workspace.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have registered and configured an AWS provider. See Configuring the Amazon Web Services provider type.

To onboard a Logical Data Center

  1. On the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Administration console, access the Resource Management > Network > Network Containers workspace.
  2. Select a Network Container (logical hosting environment).
  3. Click the Onboard Logical Data Center icon  to display the Onboard Logical Data Centers dialog box.
  4. Select the Amazon AWS provider from the Provider drop-down menu to display the list of available Logical Data Centers. Both VPCs and AZs are listed as Logical Data Centers.
  5. Select a Logical Data Center entry from the list of available entries, and click Add to add the Logical Data Center to the Resource Management > Network Containers workspace.

To offboard a Logical Data Center

For AWS, you cannot offboard a Logical Data Center using the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Administration console. If you highlight a Logical Data Center from a Resource Management > Network Container workspace and click the Remove icon (), all of the onboarded LDCs are deleted. 

To offboard a Logical Data Center for AWS, use the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Administration API.

Where to go from here

After you have onboarded a Logical Data Center, you can create and onboard resources and tenants for Amazon Web Services.


This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.