Setting and managing quota

In BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management, one can determine the ability to allocate and monitor resources to the tenants or users. By default, unlimited quota is allocated to the tenants and maximum quota for the users.

A cloud administrator can determine how many resources can be allocated to any tenant depending upon the tenant's requirement. Users are assigned quota from the quota of the tenant to which they belong.

You can specify the following resources:

  • Server: Specifies the number of servers to be allocated to a tenant or a user.
  • CPU Count: Specifies the number of CPUs to be allocated to a tenant or a user.
  • Memory (GB): Specifies the memory to be allocated to a tenant or a user, in GB. 
  • Local Storage (GB): Specifies the local hard disk to be allocated to a tenant or a user, in GB.

When a user provisions a service offering instance, the quota is available either from the user's allocated quota or from the available tenant quota (in case user's quota is maximum). If the requested quota exceeds the available quota, the service offering instance or the TRO action fails. When a service offering instance is transferred from one owner to another within the same tenant or across different tenants, the user and the tenant quota is updated. When you synchronize the service offering instances, the quota details are updated for the user and the tenant. When you delete a user, the quota is released and the tenant and the user quota is updated.

The tenant quota is calculated based on the allocated user quota plus the actual provisioned quota for the users who have been allocated maximum quota.

If a tenant surpasses its quota, a service request cannot be provisioned until the tenant is allocated more quota or some of the existing quota is released. When you click OK, depending on which resource is less, the following error message is displayed.

The following topics describe the process to set the tenant and the user quota.


When you delete a system disk from a provisioned VM, the Provision Deployment Model is not updated; however, the quota details are updated for the SOI.

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