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Managing entitlement packages

Entitlement packages are groups of requestable offerings that you want to make available to one or more tenant companies. These packages are created from the Entitlement Packages tab in the Service Catalog workspace, as described in Creating entitlement packages. For overview information about the packages, see Entitlement packages overview.

When you create a new tenant or import an existing one, you can make the entitlement packages available to the users belonging to the tenant by selecting from the list of entitlement packages. Within a few minutes, the service offering in the packages listed in the Selected Entitlement Packages table is available for the tenant's users to request in the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management My Cloud Services Console. For details, see Creating and importing tenants

From the Tenant Management pane, you can manage the entitlement packages and decide what packages to make available for tenants. 

As a cloud administrator, you can decide to create new, or edit existing packages and make them available to the tenants. 

To manage an entitlement package

  1. From the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management – Administration Console, click the vertical Workspaces menu on the left side of the window and select Tenants.
  2. Click Manage Entitlement Packages
    You are directed to the Service Catalog workspace and from there you can create a new entitlement package or edit an existing one. For details, see Creating entitlement packages.

To select entitlement packages for tenant users

This procedure describes how to select which entitlement packages are made available to a tenant's users and how to set the tenant's contract end date.

  1. From the Administration Console, click the vertical Workspaces menu and select Tenants.
  2. In the Tenant Management pane, select a tenant from the list of tenants on the left side of the pane and click Edit Tenant .
    In the Edit Tenant dialog box, in the Entitlements tab, the entitlement packages already assigned to the tenant are displayed. 
  3. From the list of Available Entitlement Packages, select the packages you want to apply to this tenant.
  4. Click Add > to move them to the Selected Entitlement Packages area. 
    You can use the search field to search for the preferred entitlement package. For details about the entitlement packages, see Creating entitlement packages.
  5. Click Save.
  6. To verify whether the entitlement package is selected successfully, click the Activities tab. The Update Tenant Quota activity and its status are displayed. 

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This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.