Configuring an option choice that determines network placement

This topic describes how to create an option that allows a user to determine the placement of a network. For example, if you have a network in a blueprint, you might want users to be able to choose to place it on a Web VLAN, application VLAN, or database VLAN.

To configure an option choice that determines network placement

  1. Create a service blueprint that uses a “Dummy” (temporary) tag on the NIC that you want users to be able to select a placement for.
  2. Create an option and option choices that add a new tag to the NIC.
    For example, create an option called Network Selection with two option choices: Web 1 and Web 2:
  3. Configure each option choice:
    1. Select Blueprint Configuration > Service Deployment Definition > Additional NIC > Tags.
    2. In the New Blueprint Configuration dialog box, complete the following sections:
      • Resource Set Identifier — Enter the Name or Tag of resource set in the service blueprint.
      • NIC Identifier — Enter the Number or Tag of the “Dummy” NIC added in the service blueprint.
      • Tag Group and Tag fields— Enter the tag group and tag of the new network to be used on the NIC when a user selects the option choice.

      The following example shows how you can use an existing tag of the NIC network as the NIC identifier.

      Make sure that the tag matches the tags of networks in the network container on which servers are being provisioned.

      The tags should also be compliant with the network placement policy set under service governor.
  4. Attach the option to a service offering.

    When a user submits the service request, the user will see the network options.
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