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Completing the Options section

Use this information to complete the Options section.

To complete the Options section

  1. On the Hide/Show Details panel, select which items are visible to users when they request this service.

    Section Field Description
    Review a Service Turnaround Time

    Defines turnaround time for this requestable service in Hours, Days, Months, or Years in the Review a Service stage. Turnaround time is used to calculate the expected completion date of the service request.


    To calculate the expected completion date accurately, business hours and holidays must be configured. For information about configuring business hours and holidays, see the BMC Service Request Management Administration help.

    Price Actual price of the service request.
    Provide Information Expected Completion Date when the user can expect the request to be finished.
    Date Required Date when the user requires the request to be finished.
    Phone Phone number of the user.
    Email Email address of the user.
    Attachment Enables users to add an attachment to the service request.
    Instructions Instructions that you want requesters to view. Requesters see your text in the Provide Information stage when they are requesting a service in the Request Entry console.
    Quantity Number of items for the request, such as the number of items in a purchase request.
    View a Request Service Coordinator Name of service request coordinator overseeing the request.
    Approvals Shows the Current Approvers section on the Request Entry console. This section lists the approvers for the selected request and includes a More Info link that allows users to see the approvals for the request. Additionally, the Approvers tab becomes visible on the Request Details form.
    Request Details End User Process View Shows the Process View tab on the Request Details form. If you clear this field, the Process View tab is hidden from users who do not have Service Request User or SRM Administrator application permissions.
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  3. On the Notifications panel, specify the states when notifications for the service request are sent to users.
    By default, the following actions trigger notifications:
    • Notify End User on Complete
    • Notify End User on Pending
    • Notify Assignee on Assignment
    • Notify Approver on Waiting Approval
      You can add additional states (for example, Notify End User on Submit).
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  5. Go to Completing the Deployment section to continue the procedure.

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This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.