Creating cloud services

Use the Service Catalog to create services, which are composed of one or more service offerings and requestable offerings. You create services and offerings to provide cloud services that your user can request. For overview information about services, see Services overview.

Before you begin

Except storage services, a service blueprint is required for all services, as described in Building service blueprints. You can you can start creating the service without a service blueprint, but you must select a service blueprint in order for the service to be functional.

If you want to include options for your service offerings, create the options before you begin creating services. See Service Catalog options and option choices.

To create services

  1. Create a new service, as described in Creating new services for the Service Catalog.
  2. Create a service offering, as described in Creating a service offering.
  3. Create a requestable offering, as described in Creating a requestable offering.
  4. Create options for services, as described in Service Catalog options and option choices.

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