Managing blueprint tags

Use the Tags menu to create and delete your own tags and tag groups, as well as apply tags to blueprint components. These tags associate metadata with blueprints and related resources. Any tags that you add or remove from the blueprint interfaces are propagated throughout the system because the underlying data is shared between various BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management workspaces (for example, Tenant Management or Resource Management).

For more information and a suggested tagging strategy, see:

The following video (5:47) demonstrates how to use blueprint and document-level tags, and explains their benefits.

Before you begin

Before deleting a tag, confirm that the tag is not already being used in a blueprint, and that the tag is not being used to identify options. Before deleting a tag group, confirm that no tags in the tag group are being used in a blueprint or to identify options. You should also confirm that the tag group is not being used in a policy defined in the service governor.

To manage tags

  1. With a blueprint open for editing in the Service Designer, open one of the following taggable objects:
    • Blueprint properties (Service Properties > Tags)
    • Definition properties (Definition > Properties)
    • Applications
    • Servers (including resource sets, compute resources, and additional system disks for compute resources)
    • PaaS Resources
    • Networks
    • Load balancer pools
    • IP endpoints/LANs
  2. Click either the Tags field or the Add icon next to the Tags field.
    The Tags menu appears.


  3. Do one of the following:

    If you want to...Then...
    Create a tag group
    1. Scroll to the bottom of the Tags menu and click the Add tag group field.
    2. Type the name of a new tag group and press Enter.
    Create a tag
    1. In the Tags menu, scroll to the bottom of the tag group that will contain the new tag.
    2. Click the Add tag field.
    3. Type the name of a new tag and press Enter.
    Delete a tag

    In the Tags menu, click the Delete icon next to the tag you want to delete

    Delete a tag group

    In the Tags menu, click the Delete icon next to the tag group you want to delete,

    Add a tag to a blueprint object

    In the Tags menu, click the tag you want to add.

    Remove a tag from a blueprint objectIn the Tags field, click the x next to the tag you want to remove.

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