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Parameterizing NSH scripts

You can parameterize the NSH scripts for use with service blueprint parameters.

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To parameterize NSH scripts

  1. Log on to BMC Server Automation.
  2. Click Depot.
    You can start in the Depot with any script in the CSM_Scripts folder (for example, set_apache_admin_password.nsh).
  3. Click the Parameters tab.
  4. Add script parameters (for example, SERVER and WEB_ADMIN_PASSWORD).
    In BMC Server Automation scripting, you pass parameters to a script based on the order they were input. SERVER and WEB_ADMIN_PASSWORD are passed as $1 and $2.
  5. Click the Script tab.
  6. Parameterize the NSH script:

    RESULT='nexec $SERVER /c/Program\ Files/Apache\ Software\ Foundation/Apache2.2/bin/htpasswd -b "C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\password\htpasswd" admin $PASSWORD'
    echo $EXIT_CODE

    To make the script more readable, pass the parameters to your script by using an alias.

    For example, assign the following aliases:
    When the script is run, the SERVER and PASSWORD parameters will automatically replace $1 and $2, making the script more readable.
    The parameterized NSH script is now available for cloud administrators to use inside service blueprints.

  7. Make sure that the cloud administrator knows the exact name of the NSH script (for example, set_apache_admin_password.nsh).

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