Setting up the AIX server and IBM frame object in BMC Server Automation

This topic describes how to set up the LPAR provisioning environment. It includes the following sections:

Because BMC cannot use the RSCD agent with the IBM AIX frame object out-of-the-box, you must configure a proxy host. As a result, BMC can then use IBM's Hardware Management Console (HMC) to manage the frame object through an agentless managed object (AMO).

The proxy server makes an SSH connection to the Hardware Management Console (HMC) and then executes HMC commands to obtain the specified frame and its child assets (LPAR/VIO) configurations.


The SSH connection to the HMC works only with password-based authentication.


Before you begin

Carefully review the minimum requirements before you add the AIX server and IBM frame object to BMC Server Automation:

To install the IBM  AIX agent

This topic provides instructions for installing the IBM AIX server agent.

  1. Install the RSCD agent on the AIX server that acts as the proxy server as described in Installing only the RSCD agent (Linux and UNIX). Be sure to install the RSCD agent that is specifically designated for use with an AIX server.


    Because the IBM frame agentless managed object is managed through a proxy, do not overload the proxy server. The recommendation is to map one IBM frame agentless managed object to one proxy host. However, if you are using one proxy server to host multiple agentless managed objects, note that all of the agentless managed objects using the proxy host must be running the same version of the IBM configuration object.

  2. Open the /etc/rsc/exports file and add an entry with the application server IP address or host name and a read/write mapping. This restricts access to accept connections only from the listed application server. For example:  rw
  3. Open the /etc/rsc/users.local file and add an entry for a role and user that should be mapped to the root account. For example:
    BLAdmins:BLAdmin rw,map=root
  4. Save and close the files.

  5. Proceed to Setting up the AIX server and IBM frame object in BMC Server Automation.

For more information about the exports and users.local files, see Setting up configuration files.

To create the IBM frame object

  1. From within the BMC Server Automation Console, add the AIX proxy server as a managed server to a server group (right-click a server group, select Add Server, and then specify the AIX proxy server ).
  2. Right-click a server group in the Servers folder.
  3. Select Virtualization > Add IBM frame to add an IBM frame agentless device to BMC Server Automation.
  4. On the Add a new Agentless Managed Object - Properties page, add the name or IP address of the IBM frame as mentioned in the HMC (for example, frame-55A-LEX). Note that the frame name in the HMC is case sensitive.
  5. Optionally, add a brief description.
  6. Under Properties, locate the AGENTLESS_MANAGED_OBJECT_PROXY_HOST property.
  7. Edit the property value by browsing to the name of the AIX server that servers as the proxy host.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Click Finish.
    The frame is added to the folder you specified.

To set the connection properties for the IBM frame

  1. In the BMC Server Automation Console, select Configuration > Property Dictionary View.
  2. Browse the Built-in Property Classes > Connection class.
  3. Click the Instances tab and edit the new Connection instance.
    When you added the agentless managed object, BMC Server Automation automatically created a Connection instance with the name Connection_ agentlessManagedObjectName (where agentlessManagedObjectNameis the name of the IBM frame object). This instance contains the connection details to the IBM frame.


    Your user role must have the appropriate RBAC permissions to update the Connection instance. Otherwise the association between the instances will not be created and the server will not be enrolled. Also, if a Connection instance is already associated with the Virtualization instance, a new instance is not automatically created.

  4. Set the following properties for the newly added Connection instance:




    Enter the name of the Primary HMC Server that manages this frame (for example, ).


    Enter the name of a user who has administrative access to the frame in the HMC mentioned in the above property.


    Enter the password of the user that is mentioned in the above property.

  5. Click Finish.

To distribute the IBM configuration object on the IBM frame server

  1. From the BMC Server Automation Console, navigate to the Jobs folder.
  2. Right-click a job group and select New > Administration Task > Distribute Configuration Objects.
  3. Provide a name for the job and click Next.
  4. Expand the Global Configuration Objects list, select the IBM Configuration object, and add it to the Selected Configuration Objects section. Click Next.
  5. On the Targets panel, select the IBM frame agentless managed object.
  6. Click Finish, and execute the job.
  7. In the Servers folder, right-click the IBM frame and select Browse.
    You can now browse the managed system.

Where to go from here

Proceed to Creating the VGP in BMC Server Automation for IBM LPAR.

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