Setting storage preferences

In BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management, storage resources are implemented in the background using BMC Atrium Orchestrator. You set the BMC Atrium Orchestrator values in the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management installer during installation. If you change these values in BMC Atrium Orchestrator, you need to update the configuration settings here.

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To set storage preferences

  1. To verify or update the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform values, click the Storage tab, shown in the following figure:

  2. Specify the desired inputs.

     Click here for descriptions of the options.

    Grid NameBMC Atrium Orchestrator grid name specified during installation
    HostName or IP address of the computer that hosts the BMC Atrium Orchestrator primary configuration distribution peer (CDP)
    PortHTTP or HTTPS port used to send requests to the BMC Atrium Orchestrator server
    UserUser name to authenticate requests sent to the BMC Atrium Orchestrator server
    PasswordPassword for the specified user account
    ProtocolHTTP or HTTPS protocol for server communications

  3. When you have completed your selections, click Save, or to restore the values from the last save, click Revert to Saved.

You can access the other tabs to continue with the configuration options.

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