Quick Start workspace overview

Administration overview topics provide an overview of the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Administration Console user interface and its features. The BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Administration Console provides access to cloud administrator features through separate workspaces:

The Quick Start workspace gives the cloud administrator a wizard-based UI that simplifies configuration requirements for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.

Using Quick Start, you provide a limited number of configuration settings. All other configuration is automated, including configuration of underlying BMC products such as BMC Server Automation and BMC Network Automation.

When the Quick Start wizards are complete, BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management is ready to fulfill end user requests for automated provisioning of virtual machines (VMs). The BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Administration Console reflects the configuration settings made in Quick Start.

Quick Start is designed to address straightforward provisioning needs. If you require more complex configurations, you may need to use the full set of tools that BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management offers. Alternatively, you can perform some simple provisioning with Quick Start and then modify the configuration using the full capabilities of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.

To access Quick Start

From the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Administration Console, click the vertical Workspaces menu on the left side of the window and then click Quick Start. The Quick Start home page opens.

See Using Quick Start for detailed information about using the Quick Start workspace.

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