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Adding images and labels to Catalog objects

You can display custom images and labels for the following BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management objects in the Catalog, making it easy for your users to select the items and options they need:

  • Software
  • Operating systems
  • Offerings
  • Options

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management provides default images for these objects.

To add a custom image and label to a Catalog object

  1. Add your custom image to the PlatformManager/resources/images directory.
  2. Open the PlatformManager/configuration/CustomMapping/CustomMapping.json file for editing.

    [	{ "objectName" : "defaultSoftware", "imageFileName" : "defaultSoftware.jpg", "label" : "Apache" },
    	{ "objectName" : "defaultOS", "imageFileName" : "defaultOS.jpg", "label" : "Windows" },
    	{ "objectName" : "defaultOffering", "imageFileName" : "defaultOffering.jpg", "label" : "SingleTier" },
    	{ "objectName" : "defaultOption", "imageFileName" : "defaultOption.jpg", "label" : "DefaultOption" },

    The first four lines in the file define the default images for software, operating systems, offerings, and options.

  3. Add new lines to the CustomMapping.json file for the images you want to use.

    Lines are formatted according to the following syntax:

    	{ "objectName" : "<name>", "imageFileName" : "<imageName>", "label" : "<labelDisplayedInConsole>" },

    For the <name> value, enter the name of the object to associate with the image. For operating systems, the Platform Manager matches the product name as specified in the product catalog. For software, the Platform Manager matches the functional component name. For option choices, the Platform Manager matches the option choice name. In all cases, if the Platform Manager can find no object by that name, the default image is used.

    For example, add the following line to specify the Windows8.jpg image for the operating system defined in the product catalog as Win8. The label for the object as it appears to users in the My Cloud Services console is Microsoft Windows 8.

    	{ "objectName" : "Win8", "imageFileName" : "Windows8.jpg", "label" : "Microsoft Windows 8" }

    If you add a line with the same <name> value as one of the four default lines, your new line overwrites the default line.

  4. Save and close the CustomMapping.json file.
  5. Restart the Platform Manager.

This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.