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Working with contract lines

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management stores information about services that can be requested and provisioned in the Service Catalog. For a service to be available for request, there needs to be a Service Offering (SO) for that service, which specifies details about how the service is presented to users for request and how it is priced.

When a service offering instance is requested, BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management creates a Contract Line associated with the proper Tenant that specifies the:

  • Service that has been requested
  • Price as per the Catalog at the time of the request
  • Time period for the request

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management also provisions a Service Offering Instance (SOI), and the related Contract Line contains information about the SOI provisioned for this request.

Currently, you can use the contract lines to configure the Chargeback module for the BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization, formerly known as BMC Capacity Optimization application. For more information, see  Chargeback Open link

The ContractLine class API reference provides more information about the API requests to get, search, and the relationships associated with the contract lines. 

ContractLine represents a line item in a contract for a service offering instance and relates to the pricing of service. ContractLine has these types:

  • SelectedOptionChoiceContractLine - Created for any option choices selected at the time of provisioning request (DRO) or Day 2 (TRO) actions.
  • AddOnContractLine - Created when Day 2 (TRO) actions are enabled if you select Yes for the Add-on option when creating the requestable offering. (Do not select Yes if you do not want chargeback information on Day 2 (TRO) offerings. No additional add-on contract line instances will be created, and price information will not be added to additional requests. The original ServiceOfferingContractLine remains intact.)

This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.