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Requesting cloud services

From the My Cloud Services Console, you can request a service from the catalog of cloud services available to you. A wizard steps you through the process of requesting the service and specifying its options.

Your cloud administrator determines which services are available to you in the service catalog. For example, your catalog of services might include offerings such as a Windows server, network-attached storage, a LAMP stack, or a turnkey instance of a web commerce site.

To request cloud services

  1. From the My Cloud Services Console, click the Service Catalog tab   or the New Service Request button  to initiate a request for a service.  Depending on the default view your cloud administrator specifies or the view you select, you see one of the following views of service requests:
    • Search services — This view can be set as the default view by your system administrator and shows all the services available to you.  If the number of services available exceeds the ability of the pane to display them all, you can use the search field to return a smaller number of services or page through the list.  If you navigate to another request view, such as Popular requests, you return to the search services view by typing % (percent sign) in the search field and clicking the search icon .
    • Popular requests — This view displays a list of the most frequently requested services.  You access this view by clicking :
    • Browse — This view displays a simple text-only list of services.  When you select a service by clicking it or by dragging the blue, sliding pointer to a highlight the service, information about the service is displayed.  In addition to information about the service, you can click Request Now to request the service or click Add to Favorites to add this service to your list of favorite services.  You access this view by clicking :
    • Favorites — This view can be accessed by clicking ; if this button is greyed and unavailable for selection, you must first add a service to your Favorites list:
  2. From the catalog of services shown in the Requests pane, click the type of service that you want to request.  The wizard displays a Submit Request dialog.  

  3. If the service that you selected offers options to customize your service, select those options now.  As you select options, the Selected Options and Pricing Summary sections on the right side of the dialog keep a running total of the options you select and their cost.  Note that some services offer no options. Click Next

    The wizard displays a dialog that prompts you for information to identify your service:

  4. Enter the required identification information for your service, designated in boldface type, and any optional identification information required by your organization. Click Next.


    For Amazon Web Services (AWS) service offerings, the user is created with the specified Username and Password only if the RSCD agent is installed in the custom Amazon Machine Image (AMI). Therefore, BMC recommends that you create custom AMIs with the BMC Server Automation Agent installed on them to run scripts or to enable software deployment on the AWS instance.

    The wizard displays a summary of the options and their cost for the requested service:

  5. After reviewing the summary, click Submit to execute the request. (To change options that you selected, click Back.) 

    The wizard displays a BMC Remedy User note that confirms that your request was submitted:

    Your service, if approved, is commissioned on the date and time that you selected.


You can see the status of your request in the My Requests pane of the Service Catalog tab or the Activities tab on My Cloud Services Console. You can also click Request Again in the My Requests to make a duplicate request.


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