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Preparing for upgrade

Before you start upgrading the products in the solution, review this section carefully to plan for your upgrade.The upgrade process consists of several steps. Therefore, BMC recommends that you plan the upgrade first.


The procedures described in the following topics apply to upgrading to version 3.1 or upgrading to the latest version 3.1 service pack, unless otherwise specified. 

The following topics are covered in this section:

Upgrade optionsExplains the upgrade process and the options you have to upgrade BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management based on your available downtime and resource availability.
Prerequisites for upgradeProvides the steps to follow before starting the upgrade process. For example, backing up your database and taking snapshots of product virtual machines.
Upgrade sequenceExplains the sequence of upgrades for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management components.
Product versions and compatibilityProvides details about the supported versions of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management components prior to and after an upgrade to version 3.1 or 3.1 SP1. This section also lists whether components are backward compatible.
Preparing to upgrade BNA blueprints, containers, and rogue switchesDescribes the prerequisites that you must perform before you upgrade BMC Network Automation blueprints, containers, and rogue switches to version 3.1.

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Upgrade options

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