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Cloud end-user issues

The following sections provide troubleshooting information about issues that cloud end-users might encounter:

Clicking a requestable offering generates an error

If a cloud end user receives the following error message when attempting to create a requestable offering, verify that the user's access restrictions match the company to which the user belongs.

To check a cloud end user's access restrictions, see the access restrictions list on the Login/Access Details tab of the BMC Remedy ITSM People form:

If the user's access restrictions do not match the company to which the user belongs, click Update Access Restrictions to add the matching company.

Defined options do not appear as choices in a service request

If one or more option choices created by the cloud administrator do not appear when you make a service request, clear your browser's cache and try again.

This situation occurs when users view the same requestable offering more than once during the day, and between views, the cloud administrator adds new options. The users cannot see the new options until their browser cache is cleared. This happens automatically by the next day, or users can clear their cache manually to see the options immediately.

Cloud administrators can change this behavior by changing the value of the HTMLCacheMaxage parameter in the Data Visualization Definition form under the definition name CMU:CAI:OptionsConfiguration. The default value is 86400 seconds. However, changing this parameter might result in performance issues.

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